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February 17, 2019

Here for the (bridal) party.

Wedding season is here.... and we are here for it!!

2019 is my year y'all. I wrote a blog almost 3 years ago on the dot called "Always A Bridesmaid". Coincidentally I got engaged after I'd already started writing the blog. 

Fast forward to 3 years on the dot. I am STILL engaged. Not married. (lol). I guess you could say Lush has taken all of my time and attention over the years....

FINALLY (pun intended... we made a shirt for this) I have SET A DATE!!! 

I really need y'all to hear how this went down though. After going back and forth in my head for years (literally... 3 to be exact) on if I would have a wedding here, do destination, or even just hit the courthouse I woke up on a Monday a few weeks ago and decided to just go all out wedding here in Oklahoma. 

I was never the girl who dreamed of my wedding. I'm more of a tomboy. I have no inspiration and no vision really.... My first move before even setting a date or picking a venue was to go get a spray tan. Yes. You read that correct. I have never had a spray tan in my life.... so... I got one. I then made a dress appointment. Yes you read that right. Without a date or venue I made a dress appointment at Chantilly Couture. (they were GREAT by the way! Highly recommend). 

Anyways.... so here I am at a dress appointment. I took my best friend (and matron of honor) Lindsey with me (who just so happens to own a prom and pageant store, Tres Jolie). I tried a few on, and within an hour and a half picked one. I never went anywhere else. One and done! Within a week I also picked a date and a venue. 

I can't tell y'all how many times I've made Father of the Bride references in my planning process or My Best Friend's Wedding. Planning is in full effect!

Point of all of that is I am HERE FOR THE (bridal) PARTY in 2019 y'all!!!! (also pun intended. We made a shirt for this too.)

Which means I am even MORE excited than ever about our bridal t-shirt collection!


I am so excited to bring you a sneak peek of this year's bridal collection that launches TONIGHT @ 7pm CST on Live local? These items will be available in store when we open at 10am! (Feb 18th).

All photos were shot by our creative director, Matt Farthing. 


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 YOU GUYS. These shirts. THESE PANTS!!!!!! (Insider tip- we are expecting robes with these designs on them soon too)


I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek and life update by me! 

Here I am with my bridesmaids and bridesman after I threw together a surprise dinner for them to tell them I FINALLY set a date! 


Well... I didn't tell them... I proposed to them! Anyone who's been following my blogs knows I am obsessed with Dawson's Creek, Paula Cole (the theme song... "I Don't Wanna Wait") and all things James Van Der Beek. So here is my proposal to my bridesmaids/man! (PLEASE zoom in on the ring)

Anyways don't forget to set a reminder for the launch of our newest bridal tees and accessories for tonight @ 7pm CST!

Til next time