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April 02, 2017



What's not to love about Oklahoma in general. 

I was born and raised here in the great state of OKLA and wouldn't have it any other way! 

I especially love OKC! Here in the last few years especially the new businesses most of which are locally owned that have evolved all across OKC is something truly exciting to see! 

With all this OKC pride I'm feelin I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites from our OKC collection.  What I love most about this collection is it can be worn all year long no matter what the occasion is! Whether you're attending a basketball game, baseball game, or just sportin your love for OKC this collection has it all! 

The best thing about this collection right now is that it's 25% off this week only!!

Now that's something to CELEBRATE! 

That's right! April Weekly Steals are back! 

Today through Saturday take 25% off our OKC collection in store and online! Online shoppers use code OKC25. 

*Insider tip. If it were me I'd hit the website right now and get a jump start on shopping this great deal early before items sell out! 

The next best thing about this collection right now is that it's all locally made right here in Oklahoma by local brands!

That's right! When you shop our OKC collection you're supporting ultimately multiple local businesses which is a great thing! 

We collaborate on exclusive designs with Kickoff Couture , LivyLu, and Opolis Clothing to bring you all one of the best selections of OKC inspired apparel in town! 


Sit back, relax, and check out some of my favorite things in our OKC collection!

This t-shirt is an absolute MUST HAVE. The colors. The fit of the t-shirt. Everything! Best part is it's his and hers.... unisex! 

Click here to shop this tee

These swing style tanks by LivyLu  are life! You will seriously LOVE the way it fits! I also love this design as well and the light blue color. 

Click here to shop this tank

The best thing about this design is it can roll from basketball right into baseball season! 

Shop this tank here

Another his and hers option here! If you've read my previous blogs you'll know my fiancee and I are legit the same size t-shirt. We share this one! 

Shop this shirt here


Because Russell Westbrook.

That's why. 


Shop this t-shirt here

Ok. If you don't own any of our washed hats.... you're seriously missing out! I rarely wear hats. I've been very very sick for quite awhile and just can't get it together enough to wash my hair lately. I decided to go ahead and give one of our OKLA washed hats a try while I was going incognito covering my dirty hair...... and FELL IN LOVE. I now have multiple colors of the OKLA hat, this OKC hat, and any other washed hat I could get my hands on in our store!!

This blue OKC hat is sold out online but the orange version can be found here


Another good his and hers option! These marble t-shirts have been best sellers for years and years and are one of my personal favorites! 

Shop this shirt here


This simple block design pops on this heathered orange t-shirt. I love it especially for Spring/Summer! 

Shop this shirt here

I am OBSESSED with this updated slouchy tank! If you've liked our slouchy tanks in the past you'll LOVE this new side slit slouchy tank. Very on trend and this design is straight FIRE. 

Shop the tank here

If you don't own any of our terry loop sweaters you're REALLY missing out! I have I think every single design we offer in the terry loop. I wear them so much that a staff member once asked me if I wear the same thing everyday lol!!!

These are great all year long. I will be packing my terry loops with me to my beach vacations and to the lake this Summer for those chilly Summer nights on the water! 

This particular style is sold out but a very similar OKC terry loop is available here

Did you know we offer coffee tumblers and mugs in our collection too? The perfect gifts! 

Shop this tumbler here


There is seriously absolutely NO WAY for me to show you all of my favorites. We offer TONS of OKC items. 

Be sure to take advantage of this week's April weekly steal too! 25% off this collection in store and online! 



Can you keep a secret??

For being loyal readers of my blog I'm going to give you a heads up of what next week's April weekly steal will be! 

For the week of April 9th it will be 25% off our Leisure by Lush collection! 

Don't tell.



I'm looking to collaborate with more bloggers local and nationwide! Are you a fashion blogger with a website and a strong social media following? 

I want to collab with you! 

Email me at 


Til next time




P.S. Pardon our renovations this week in store. It's goin down. Literally. An entire wall is going down as we speak right now! Your in store shopping experience is about to get a whole lot better!!!



March 26, 2017

Easter preview 2017

Pretty in pastels......

Easter is just around the corner and I am so egg-cited to bring you a sneak peek of our Easter outfits purrrfect for every bunny! (sooo many puns.) 

But seriously.

No matter what you've got planned for Easter Sunday our Easter collection is loaded with options for any occasion dressy or casual! 

This collection is a little different than our past collections!

It will go live on Tuesday March 28th at 9pm CST. You can find these items available in store when we open at 10am on Wednesday March 29th! 

Here's a quick sneak peek of just a few of the many pastel items perfect for Easter that go live this week! 


All photos were shot by our Creative Director, Matt Farthing. 

Styled by myself, Leslie Camp, Kristen Giroux, and Kaylee Yeager. 


Of course you can expect all your favorite Pikos in pastel shades! Not only will we have pastel shades in many of your favorite styles we will also have BRAND NEW STYLES of Pikos y'all! If you have loved our Piko long sleeve and short sleeve swing dresses get excited because the tank top version goes live with our Easter collection in not only pastel colors but all your fave neutrals we always stock! Seriously a Piko swing style tank dress with pockets can't be beat! 


Kimonos and cardigans are always the perfect layering pieces over any Piko and we will have new options in stock as well in this collection! 


I think what I am most excited to show you all is the absolutely gorgeous pastel tulle skirts we have heading into Spring that are the perfect way to make a fashion statement this Easter! We were able to custom produce these with our vendor making these pastels exclusive to us in the region! 

Seriously. DYING over these! Such gorgeous colors. If you purchased a black or white one from our New Year's Eve collection (which are restocked as well and can be purchased by clicking on the links I inserted) you know these are not only a great fit and great quality but a great price too! 

These are hands down my favorite thing about our Easter collection! I absolutely love the versatility of these skirts! We paired them with our ballet flats and also with our trendy ankle booties and heels and both ways looked so cute! 

I also love we can pair them with a denim shirt, a striped button up shirt, or even just a good ol knit bodysuit or Piko tank top

I love these tulle skirts not only for Easter but for all Spring occasions! First of all these are the most swoon worthy items ever for any type of pictures you've got planned or even wedding party pictures! Speaking of weddings, the perfect skirt to wear to attend one! Graduations..... I could go on and on! Basically you need this. Like a good purse. You need this skirt as a staple to have on standby. Always! 


In addition to the Pikos and tulle skirts you'll find many more options in our Easter collection too! Here's a peek of a few more of our faves......


I hope you enjoyed this exclusive sneak peek and hope to help dress you for Easter and many other Spring occasions! 


And here's to hoping I can only eat one Reese's peanut butter bunny this Easter.....


Shoutout to Matt Farthing for completely shooting this collection on his own with zero direction by me! You tha real MVP. 


Til next time 




P.S. Mark your calendars to visit Boss Lady Blurbs right here each and every Sunday! It'll pay off if you do....  *hint* discount codes! 

February 26, 2017

Lucky by Lush 2017

Almost Irish......

Lucky by Lush is one of my favorite collections of the year! In fact, it may have been the very first collection we ever did a long time ago! 

Before I opened Lush I was a bartender for a little bit. Each year I remember struggling to find green options to wear for work on St Patrick's Day. I was always running around to different places trying to piece something together. I created Lucky by Lush  for the convenience of finding many green options all in one place! 

Whether you're wanting a seasonal St. Patrick's Day specific green graphic t-shirt or a solid green option you can wear all year long Lucky by Lush has you covered! We've got all your favorite Piko tops and Piko tunics in kelly green. We've also got trendy new arrivals in shades of green and olive such as cardigans, bodysuits, dresses, and tops.

Of course, don't forget our large selection of trendy, exclusive graphic t-shirts! Whether you're looking for an Oklahoma inspired design in exclusive limited edition designs for St Patrick's Day or a general trendy St Patrick's Day inspired graphic t-shirt we've definitely got you covered there! I am thrilled to mention we now carry up to size XXXLarge in our graphic t-shirts

I feel like I say this in every blog I write but y'all.... we've been BUSY! My next blog should be an updated version of my previous "growing pains" blog. We've been busy knocking down a wall and expanding our HQ location..... in preparation to expand the size of our retail store! We are almost ready to start knockin' down some walls in our retail store to give you all more shopping room! 

In the midst of all this we decided to low key photo shoot this collection and it turned out great! Low stress is what I need y'all and this shoot was just that! 

I am so excited to bring you this exclusive sneak peek of Lucky by Lush which launches TOMORROW Feb 27th at 10am CST both in store and on! 


All photos shot by our creative director, Matt Farthing, with legit zero direction by me this time. My job was to taste the green beer and make sure it tasted right.... you know... for the photos.... and keep my eye on the super rad green bike I brought along. 

But seriously Matt did this project solo and it turned out awesome! 

Seriously so many easy to wear green options that are sure to keep you "pinch proof" this St. Patrick's Day no matter what your plans are and what the crazy Oklahoma weather is like we've got all angles covered here! 


On the t-shirt side of the collection I think the most important thing to mention is that almost all designs are unisex printed on unisex t-shirts! 


Same shirt.

Mind blown.

Perfect for guys and gals! Available in sizes small-XXXLarge so bring your man shopping too because we can't have him gettin' pinched either! 


Side note- Not just the Lucky by Lush t-shirts are unisex. Almost all of our t-shirts are unisex! 


Your husbands will support your Lush shopping bill if you bring him home something! Even better if you wear the same size you can share! 

Real Talk. My fiancee and I wear the same size in t-shirts. We swap Lush t-shirts and I think it's awesomely hilarious. Last football season getting dressed for an OU game consisted of us passing t-shirt options back and forth to each other before heading out for the watch party lol!!


Anddddd as always we've got your kiddos covered in this collection too! 

These little cuties are growing up literally right in front of the Lush audience! They all belong to Lush staff members.....*shameless proud Aunt plug*** That blonde with the long hair and green bow is my niece, Mak! 

Anyways be sure to shop Lucky by Lush for adorable t-shirts and onesies for kids too!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Be sure to check out the entire collection tomorrow at 10am CST in store and on! 

Big thanks to Matt Farthing for shooting this, all the models for being so great, Kristen Giroux for styling this shoot, our local vendors for allowing us to collaborate with them on exclusive designs, the mamas for allowing their kiddos to come hang, and my staff for working so hard on getting this ready in the midst of expanding our business! 


Til next time









February 06, 2017

$500 Lush Fashion Lounge gift card giveaway!!

I love working with local and nationwide fashion bloggers! 

We've teamed up with some of our favorite bloggers to bring you all a fabulous giveaway!! Be sure to enter for your chance to win a $500 Lush Fashion Lounge gift card redeemable in store or on! 

We've partnered with The Styled Blonde, Mash Elle, Kayleigh's Kloset, KB Styled, and Edit by Lauren to bring you this fabulous giveaway! Be sure to check out their websites and social media as well!

Giveaway runs Monday February 6th at 12:00am CST through Sunday February 12th at 11:59pm CST. Click the link below for all the details and how to enter!!




a Rafflecopter giveaway
January 22, 2017

Crush by Lush

Be Mine.

Be Wine.


Whatever same thing right? Tomato/Tomotto......(say it don't spell it lol)

Everyone has their own take on Valentine's Day. Some might say it depends on where you're at during that time of your life each year..... or your relationship status at the time....

I created our Crush by Lush collection with every one of you in mind! Whether you're Team Single and planning a GALentine's night out.... Whether you're spending Valentine's at home in your PJs with wine or your dog.... Whether you're in the friend zone trying to get out.... Whether you're in that stage where you haven't had the "DTR" talk yet and need something flirty to persuade..... Whether you're happily taken and ready for a date night out with bae.... No matter what category you fall into our Crush by Lush collection has something for you! 

It's been awhile since I blogged.... Actually as I logged in I saw that I got so busy during the Holiday season I never even sneak peeked or blogged about our Midnight Memories collection which was a total out of body experience to realize I had something that important slip my mind! 

Point is we've been busy busy little bees lately! As I always mention a TON of work and months of planning goes into each collection we put out! Creative meetings, photo shoot planning, working closely with local and national vendors to create the perfect custom exclusives months in advance! I actually started on Crush by Lush in the peak of our Holiday season. (Yes I question my own sanity every day). Who needs sleep amirite?!

Sometimes less is more. In this collection due to tight deadlines and working on it during the busiest time of the year for us we decided to kinda "wing" this one! 

Our creative director, Matt Farthing, shot this shoot solo over the course of a few different days in different locations and worked alongside me on some very tight deadlines and it turned out absolutely FABULOUS! 

We shot this collection in many different super cool spots around the city. We started out in the Paseo arts district  which is full of beautiful spots! Of course we had to visit some while we were there.... including Sauced for some pizza!

A few days later we headed to the Plaza district where Roxy's Ice Cream Social opened their doors to us and allowed us to photo shoot in their totally trendy spot! THANK YOU so very much Roxy's for everything! Not to mention we got to eat ice cream for breakfast! If you haven't been there I highly recommend it. Annddddd they're opening two more locations up north soon so stay tuned for that!! The staff is SUPER sweet and the ice cream is to die for! Not to mention the atmosphere is so unique! I loved everything about it. The decor... The music... They even have a painting on their wall of Roxy the dog by the same artist that painted one of my dogs that's currently hanging above my fireplace.....swoon.

You guys know I could talk about dogs all day................... I'll stop now. 

Wait... speaking of dogs.... we have special Valentine's inspired dog t-shirts, coffee mugs, and sweatshirts in this collection! 

Back to the plaza district.... after consuming an obscene amount of ice cream for breakfast (because let's face it we weren't gonna let those props go to waste) we scooted on next door to Empire Slice House for what I'd like to call a "working lunch". Of course we partook in some of their delicious slices but managed to get a great shot at the table mid lunch! This really was the best day ever and I'm certain the models didn't hate it either! 

I'll stop blabbing and get to the good stuff.....

I am so excited to bring you this exclusive sneak peek of Crush by Lush! 

It launches tomorrow morning Jan 23rd at 10am CST in store and on! 






We teamed up with our local vendors to bring you all the CUTEST t-shirts and coffee mugs for this collection! I am forever thankful for our relationships with these vendors and can't wait for our next collaboration! 

When creating these designs we had 90s inspiration (hello.... Cher Horowitz... swoon?!) in mind along with designs that could be worn no matter what your plans are! Staying in, going out and layering it under a bomber jacket, or having a girls night out!

Another thing I love about these designs is that many can be worn all year long and aren't necessarily Valentine's specific and go along with all of our trendy exclusive graphic t-shirts in our Say What?! collection.  






You guys. 

Can we talk about what Piko has been doing lately?? They're producing some seriously trendy pieces and we are totally SWOONING over them! In this collection you'll find brand new Piko styles to choose from far from the traditional Piko you're thinking of.... But that thought deserves an entire blog of it's own! Don't fret... We still have love for the traditional Piko styles too and have brought you all new shades of pinks and reds perfect for Valentines day such as Piko swing dresses and Piko off shoulder tops. 


Can we talk about the return of our tulle midi skirts?! We have been impatiently awaiting their return and now have NEW COLORS this time too! 





And of course we've got your kiddos covered in this collection as well with a cute selection of trendy kid's t-shirts and onesies. These little Lush babes are growing up so quick! If you've missed it in my other blogs these super adorable kids all belong to Lush employees! 

***Proud Aunt alert****** That one above with the teddy bear is my niece, Mak! She named the Teddy Bear Cupcake................. and has been attached to Cupcake's hip for the last 24 hours since this shoot! 


HUGE mega shoutout to our creative director, Matt Farthing, for taking on the task of shooting this! Remember when I said we are working on some serious deadlines? He's still editing more pics as we speak! Super lucky to have him on staff and as one of my most favorite people on earth! 

Special thanks to everyone who worked on this collection and the shoot! Our general manager and associate buyer, Leslie Camp, helped every step of the way including assisting in finding the perfect pieces for this collection and helping style the shoot! Rylee Tubre, Kristen Giroux, and Kaylee Yeager also assisted in styling the shoot! As always my dear friend Seth Lewis came along for the shoot to provide his creative spin as well! Assistant Managers Myranda Stout and Madison Farthing are also heavily involved in the creative process and brainstorm sessions in each collection! Big thank you to all the kiddo's moms for taking time out of their Saturday to bring their kids for pics! Again big thanks to Roxy's Ice Cream Social and Empire Slice House along with the Paseo and Plaza districts for letting us invade your space to capture these images! Thank you to our local and national vendors who allowed us to collaborate on custom exclusive designs and pieces for this collection! 

Special thanks to our models! If you've missed my previous blogs all the ladies you see in our shoots work right here at Lush either in our store or in our HQ online location! We've got such a great bunch who genuinely loves Lush and knows the merchandise inside out because they've tried it all on and can give you insight on how each item fits! Also big shoutout to Alvin whom we have basically adopted as our own! 



If you follow us on snapchat you'll know I really really love my dogs. If you don't follow us on snapchat...shame on you! You should! Go now.... user name LushFashionOKC. Seriously you're missing snaps of my dogs! 

Any chance to post pictures of my fur babies................

So I'll end with this amazing outtake of my oldest Ralphie. His eyes were on the prize which was a treat out of the camera's shot....



Ralphie. You are all of us. Because snacks are life. 


BRB gonna go eat all the leftover candy we used as props.....


Til next time (which I promise won't be as long as last time)




October 30, 2016

Flannels & Firesides sneak peek

Happy Hallo...... wait....

I just finished setting out Halloween candy for my fiancee to give to tomorrow's trick or treaters (he's like my child, I have to give him notes on everything lol)  and as I sit here writing this blog I'm watching the Halloween movie marathon on TV..... but I'm here tonight to show you all a sneak peek of our Christmas collection!! 

I love everything about Christmas y'all. The smells....The music...The decorations....The movies....The memories... I'm one of those people that tries my hardest not to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas but when November 1st hits I fight the urge to put my tree up every time!! Let's face it, retail always works ahead. So my mind is always ahead when it comes to seasons....

We've been hard at work on another collection! Last year was our first year to bring you all an exclusive Holiday t-shirt collection, Falalala Lush. That will forever be my favorite collection name and don't be surprised when you see it surface again over the years! It was a huge hit so we are excited to bring new options for this season! 

When creating this year's Holiday collection I had not only Christmas morning outfits in mind, but envisioned looks for family Christmas pictures and just everyday wear during the Winter season leading up to the Holidays! Many of the designs you see in this collection were created over a brainstorm session with many creative Lush team members! HUGE thank you to our local vendors who made this collection possible for us! You know who you are and I am forever grateful for each of you all allowing me to collaborate on such cool stuff all the time! 

I am so excited to bring you all this sneak peek of Flannels & Firesides! The collection will launch Tuesday, November 1st at 10am CST in store and on!


Beau Brand, of Brand Imaging, once again helped capture the collection perfectly with a mix of indoor/outdoor shots! Always a blast shooting with him and really he has no idea what crazy things we are gonna put him up to next and he's always up for anything! Photo shoots are more fun with him around! 

Here's a few of my favorite shots by Beau....



*nice and naughty printed flannels will be available for pre-order at launch online and will be available in store a few days after launch*


Matt Farthing, our creative director, helped tag team this shoot as well! Here's a few of my fave shots by Matt! I am so lucky to have him on staff at Lush and as a good friend in life! Not only does he shoot the collection, he's very active in the entire creative process from start to finish from getting props ideas, to shoot location, to physically helping get props from point A to point B, setting them up in advance, shot ideas, the graphic design and logos on social media squares..... literally active every step of the way in each collection right alongside of me.


So much work went into this collection, especially in props and set! A HUGE thank you to Matt Farthing and one of our online store employees, Jordan Fine, for putting in major work getting everything we needed set up! The set looked so good we left it set up at my parent's house (location of the shoot) so that we could go back and enjoy a good festive camp fire sometime soon! 

Also special thanks to Lifesquire for scouting out the perfect props for us! 

Much thanks to everyone who worked creatively towards this collection.... our store manager Leslie Camp, one of our assistant managers Myranda Stout, Rylee Tubre, Kaylee Yeager all always come up with great creative ideas that help spark designs and photography ideas in our creative team meetings! 

Kristen Giroux, our creativity manager, styled this shoot and curated the perfect looks! 

My dear friend Seth Lewis came along for this shoot as usual and always adds the perfect touch to each shoot! Forever thankful for his vision! 

Thank you to my parents Phil and Cindy Boevers for once again letting us invade their house, eating all their food, drinking all their wine, and doing pretty much whatever we wanted to their backyard.... again... 

And of course a huge THANK YOU to the models! 

I've said it before and I cannot say it enough... We really do have a great group! Every face you see here works regularly at Lush! I love that customers can build relationships with the same faces they see come through their social media news feeds daily. These are some of the sweetest, funniest, most responsible young women in town! They always adapt to changes well at every chaotic shoot and are down for anything no matter how ridiculous and crazy my ideas are! We had to re-schedule this shoot at the last minute because we were battling the Oklahoma wind while trying to build a fire and the girls easily made it work! 


We will also have kid's t-shirts and onesies in this collection! Matt shot the kid's shoot solo! Here's a few peeks of the kids collection.....

If you follow us on snap chat you saw the big surprise we had for the kids at this shoot! Santa made a guest appearance and while the littlest one, Karter, ran away (lol!!) the others were sure to ask Santa for items including dinosaurs and candy canes! All of the kiddos here you see belong to Lush staff members! We really are one big family here! Special thanks to their moms for bringing them out to the shoot! 

I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek! I cannot wait for you all to see the entire collection! Flannels & Firesides launches Tuesday, November 1st at 10am CST in store and online.

But first.... we trick or treat! 


Til next time,







August 28, 2016

Gameday Blurbs



It's almost here y'all! Can you believe it?! I'm pumped. I love football season no matter which watching route I go! Campus Corner in Norman, heading to a local patio spot or bar to watch, or a house watch party! No matter where I'm headed to watch the big game I always like to look great while staying comfortable! Those 2 key ingredients are what I base our collegiate line around each year. When I curate looks for this collection each year I keep the fan who attends games in the stadium, watches at bars or dinner parties, and watches at a house party in mind and help create looks for each of those occasions! Whether you want an officially licensed logo'd t-shirt for the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, or the University of Central Oklahoma, a trendy chiffon kimono in team colors for a night out watching at a restaurant or bar, or a house party outfit our Lush University collection has all the looks you could ever want! 



Sit back, relax, grab a beer and let me dress you for next week's games......

One of my favorite looks that's not only trendy but functional is tying plaids or denim at the waist especially if I'm attending a game at the stadium! If my day consists of a long day of tailgating before a night game I know I'm going to be out all day and don't want to carry a jacket around in case the night gets chilly in the stadium after the sun goes down! Problem solved! Tie a plaid or denim around the waist during the day, then throw it on at night once it gets chilly! 

You can shop all the logo'd tees and tanks you see in our gameday collection here:

Shop officially licensed OU tees/tanks here

Shop officially licensed OSU tees/tanks here

Shop officially licensed UCO tees/tanks here


Speaking of tailgating........

Have you seen these totally amazing locally made tumblers and bottles?!?! Not only are the LOCALLY MADE y'all but they're officially licensed! I've personally put these to the test and your drink of choice is sure to stay cold all. dang. day. YAS.

Don't fret OSU fans, yours will be in soon! 

Shop the cruiser here: OU cruiser tumbler

Shop the bottle here: OU wave bottle 

If you're looking for a trendy acrylic tumbler option to host your tailgate drink of choice in we've got those options too! 

Shop Stilly Vibes cup here

Shop Roll Chos cup here

Shop Norman Vibes cup here 

But seriously, whether you're tailgating or attending a house watch party these cups and tumblers are a must! I've always been the girl who focuses more on the drinks I'll be bringing than the food when attending a tailgate or party... but let's face it, parties need that type of gal... because flip cup...

I'm busy AF and my friends know it and understand. I'm not ashamed to admit I've placed a catering order with my pals next door at Cafe 7 and served it on a cutesy football tray. <----lol. Nothing will ever compare to my disaster of a fiancee who actually went to 7-11 prior to attending a Christmas party one year and heated up burritos there, cut them up in long pieces, then drizzled hot sauce on the top of them and served them on a tray. I can't. Literally cannot. Laughing as I type that. And no in case you're wondering I was not there to witness it otherwise I would've intervened.....

Anyways back to fashion....

Shop the Cowboy crew distressed tee here

Shop the Tailgate crew jersey tee here  


Pikos are always a great option. We know this by now! What makes a Piko even better for gameday? Officially licensed, custom produced Pikos!!!!

I have to stop right here for a second. I am drooling over this orange and white option for Pokes fans! We've been trying to source orange and white for quite some time and I was sooooo thrilled with how these turned out! 

What I love most about the printed Piko option for gameday is that these can all be worn casually or dressed up! If you're looking for a dressier option but still want to rock the team logo this is the perfect option! I would pair any of these with skinny jeans, a bralette, and heels or ankle booties. You could even finish the look off with one of our solid chiffon kimonos in gameday colors for the perfect dressy yet still logo'd option! 

Shop OSU Piko tee here

Shop OSU Piko tank here

Shop OU Piko tee here

Shop OU Piko tank here

Shop UCO Piko tee here

Shop UCO Piko tank here


Speaking of dressier options......

If t-shirts and team logos aren't your jam we've got plenty of solid options in stock as well! Crop tops, kimonos, cardigans, denim, bolo wrap necklaces, bodysuits, and much more! 

Shop our curated looks for gameday here: 

Gameday looks



Of course... no outfit....especially gameday outfit is complete without our super popular knit pocket cardigans and chiffon kimonos in gameday colors! 


PTL for these! They never go out of style! I wear them year round with pretty much anything! Whether you're adding something extra to your logo'd tee or tank or layering over our Pikos for a night watch party you can't go wrong with these chiffon solid cuffed cardigans! A best seller for years! 




Did I say PTL for the chiffon ones?? Because PTL for these!!!!! If you read my last blog you know my love for these solid knit pocket cardigans. I am not ashamed to admit I took multiples so that I would have a back up to wear in certain colors while one is in the laundry. That's how much I love these! The perfect lightweight yet cozy cardigan! A must have for your gameday wardobe! 

 Shop all cardigans and kimonos here



I want to remind you all we do have options for the little ones in stock as well.... but most importantly I want an excuse to post pictures of these adorable kiddos!

People ask me all the time where we "find" our adorable kid models.... their moms are all employed by Lush! Proud aunt moment.... the one with the large obnoxious bows in her hair is my niece! (My sister is also employed at Lush!)

Shop kids gameday here




Something else that makes our Lush University collection so great is the fact that most of our t-shirts are unisex! Great for guys and gals! You and your man can totally share gameday wardrobes.... or match.... (think Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in those denim outfits?? no??) anyways.... 


Seriously though.... almost every single t-shirt in our Lush University collection is unisex! 

Shop the entire Lush University collection here



I am SO EXCITED for this week's countdown to begin!! 

Gameday is almost here y'all! 

Come shop with us this week and let us help you pick the perfect gameday look! Not local? Get those orders placed early this week!


Til next time






August 21, 2016

Fall Fashion

Can you smell that?

Seriously..... breathe in reallllll deep. 

That's pumpkin spice latte. And this basic chick can't wait for Fall! 


I do love the lake so Summer is always a good time, but fashion wise I am a Fall girl all the way! Nothing makes me happier than the right pair of boots. Boot shopping is always hard. I am very particular about my boots and when I find the right ones I am known to buy more than one pair so that when one bites the dust I have a back-up pair! A good pair of boots can complete your entire look and really turn any simple outfit into something eye catching and trendy! You can literally take that same Piko tank and kimono outfit you've been wearing all Summer with sandals and add a pair of over the knee boots or ankle booties, a bolo wrap necklace, and a Fall hat and suddenly you've got the perfect trendy transition outfit! 

Lucky for you, Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City is LOADED with tons of new arrivals and trendy affordable shoes perfect for transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall. 


Obsessed isn't even enough to describe my love for the Zinc over the knee boot! First of all, it's always hard to find the perfect over the knee boot. One that's slouchy, yet the perfect shade of brown or camel. One that's also got a wide heel not a skinny heel. One that fully goes over the knee and hits at the thigh. Relax girl, I got you. 

The versatility of these boots is what makes them so great! The minute the nights start getting less than 1,000 degrees (ok, slight exaggeration but you get it) I immediately bust out my boots and pair them with any dress or tunic for a night out! You can pair them with a dress, a Piko tunic and cardi, shorts and a trendy top, or over leggings with sweaters heading into Winter! 

Shop Serene's look here:

Zinc over the knee boots in light brown

Drop waist printed dress in rust 

Destroyed denim vest 

By the way, shoutout to Serene who's pictured for always providing great customer service in store! Swing by and shop with her and let her recreate any of these looks for you! 


BRB.... gonna go grab this outfit for myself RIGHT NOW!!! Unfortunately Serene's legs don't come with the outfit... I asked....

Another great example of how to wear these trendy over the knee boots! Take that outfit you've been wearing all Summer with sandals and pair it with the perfect pair of boots for a Fall transition look! 

Shop Serene's look here:

Floral 3/4 sleeve cuffed cardigan

Ribber racer tank top

Zinc over the knee boot in light brown 

*shorts available in store 


Pairing these over the knee boots over jeggings or leggings is one of my favorite looks as well! Heading into the colder months one of my go to looks for night time is always wearing over the knee boots over leggings and a trendy baggy sweater for a look that's not only comfortable but super trendy for any night out! 

By the way, did you all know we are now starting to stock almost all denim on our website?? Yes! You can now shop all your favorite Flying Monkey denim styles and Vigoss denim styles on as well as in our store. Game changer.

Shop the look here:

Zinc over the knee boots in black

Flying Monkey super stoned skinny jeans in grey

Floral off shoulder long sleeve top


If you're not quite ready to branch out into the over the knee boots, ankle booties are always the perfect Fall transition option! Especially an open toe option like these! One of my favorite Fall looks is oversized boyfriend denim, a simple knit top or t-shirt and a great pair of ankle booties! Whether you're headed to meet a girlfriend for lunch or a casual date night it's the perfect look! I am loving the off shoulder trend and pairing any of our printed or solid off shoulder tops with these booties is the perfect effortless trendy look!

Shop the looks here:

Bailey suede peep toe bootie in black

Off shoulder knit top 

Bolo wrap necklace

Floral off shoulder top

Flying Monkey JL17 jeggings

Bailey suede peep toe bootie in taupe


No Fall transition outfit is complete without one of our solid knit pocket cardigans! Seriously, if you haven't tried one on yet you're missing out! It's my uniform everyday. It's the perfect layering cardi. I wear mine over Piko classic tees and Piko side slit top with a bolo wrap necklace, shorts and sandals daily right now! 

There are so many colors and options that I can't possibly tag them all! 

Shop our cardigans + kimonos collection here to see all options. 


I hope you all are feeling inspired for Fall outfits..... if pumpkins were already out at Under the Sun I'd buy some right now!


Until next time.....



 PS- Shoutout to Matt Farthing for these totally trendy pics!




August 07, 2016

Back to School

Back to School shopping is always a busy time of year for us. Each year as Summer winds down and we start to stock Fall transition style new arrivals and jeans without holes to prep our shoppers for their back to school wardrobes I always reminisce about my high school and college days and have fun sharing memories with my staff! 

Now in year 8 here at Lush, with my staff it's like that quote from Matthew Mcconaughey in Dazed and Confused "I get older.... they stay the sammeeee age". I asked my girls to jot down words that remind them of high school and college in a brainstorm session. As I type this listening to Pandora's Summer hits of the 90's (If you're out there shopping right now and hear Radiohead blaring from the back... it's just me!) and read their words written, the age gap has never been more real! 

Growing up anytime I stepped out in the latest fad whatever it was at the time, I always heard my mom say things like "oh my gosh I wore that in the 80s...." or "oh my gosh I should've saved all my clothes from my early 20s they're all popular again". Those statements have never been more real in my life right now as I find myself repeating those same words to my staff weekly! Substitute 90's for 80's. My first realization that I was now old enough to see fashion cycle back through popularity was when plaids came back a couple years ago. Not just plaids, but tying plaids at the waist. I immediately started fighting the trend and my urge to listen to Nirvana everyday but finally gave in.......

Now, this year I've seen everything 90s make it's way back! Bodysuits, choker necklaces, bandanas, and pretty much any outfit you'd see on the movie Clueless. 

 That same brainstorm session occurred for when I was creating our Back to School collection of graphic t-shirts and tank tops in collaboration with a local vendor! If I had it my way I would've done a "high school has been" collection filled with sayings that related to pagers, (hit me on the hip!) AOL, pogs, discman CD players, and The Macraena.......

I went to a small high school. When I graduated from Piedmont High School in 2003 I graduated with I believe around 110 people in my class. I grew up a complete and total tomboy until around 8th grade when my mom and older sister finally forced me out of my Nike t-shirt, swish shorts, and basketball shoes and into The Buckle for some new girly clothes. I guess you could probably thank both of them for me entering the fashion industry, but you can definitely thank my former tomboy self for my love of graphic t-shirts and gameday apparel

As I read some of the words written down by my staff in our brainstorm session some things about school never change regardless of age! Words like "Friday night football games", "lunch time" "cafeteria food" (I kid you not to this day I still have cravings for some good ol Piedmont High chicken nuggets or chicken spaghetti) "getting your permit" "most likely to..." and "skipping class". 




Our Study Buddy t-shirt reflects that previous paragraph! Because everyone's always got a study buddy. Even in college! Even after college! 

Shop the look here:

Study Buddy t-shirt 

Fall solid knit pocket cardigan



Now boy bands...............

Every 80's girl (actually way before that!) to present had or has a fave boy band! If you're my age and still love boy bands as if you were a middle school girl chances are you've loved and or love them all! Growing up I had all the New Kids on the Block gear there was! Sleeping bags, pillow cases, the Jordan Knight Ken doll..... 

As far as Backstreet Boys vs *Nsync goes.... let's settle this debate right here. Right here in this very blog. Backstreet Boys came out first. I was madly in love with Brian. He might've been my 2nd true love. (My first true love was Will Smith in case you're wondering who topped Brian...) At the time I was always a BSB fan because they were the original in my head. *Nsync was ok but that lead singer Justin had crazy hair. 

Fast forward to high school. Justin goes solo. Just shaves his head. Justin is one of the most talented people on Earth. So Justin ultimately wins but that doesn't count because he's solo. Therefore BSB wins the group battle. The end. You're welcome.

Don't even get me started on One Direction..... that in itself deserves it's own blog one day. 

Shop the boyband look here:

Boy band are my jam unisex t-shirt 

One pocket denim shirt 



Ah yes. The "Best Dressed". Did your school have most likely categories? Ours called them "mosties". In case you're wondering no I was not voted "best dressed"..... remember that talk about Nike shorts and b-ball shoes? I was voted most athletic....

Every school had that girl who was always first to try the trends. Ours was one of my best friends to this day, Jenn. Even now in our 30s (shhhhh) she still shows up everywhere in trends I haven't even seen yet! 

Shop the best dressed tee here:

Best dressed slouchy v-neck



 P.E. can be either a kids best friend or worst nightmare. For me it was my best friend and my favorite class! Here's to all the kids that braved the 4 square streets of P.E. class.... you survived! 

Shop the shirt here:

Phys Ed Survivor unisex t-shirt 


Those are just a few of my favorites in the Back to School collection! You'll also find great denim at affordable prices, plaids, denim shirts, and trendy ball caps perfect for college campus! 

Now all I can think about is heading home, binge watching Friends and maybe even breaking out my old CD collection.....


Til next time,







July 17, 2016

Lush University

You guys. 

I have been so busy. So so so busy. If you're wondering why I haven't blogged in awhile that's why! I've been busy working on our largest collection yet! 

Football season is just around the corner and I am so thrilled to show you what we've been working on! If you're looking for the largest selection of trendy gameday apparel in the state for the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Central Oklahoma  you've got to mark your calendars for the launch of our collegiate line this Friday, July 22nd at 10am CST at Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City and on! 

In May, we launched American Summer, a Patriotic collection. We were inspired by a retro vibe for both the photo shoot and the collection! We absolutely fell in love with the way the images and the merchandise turned out and decided to carry that retro inspiration into our collegiate line! 

We've always offered trendy options for OU and OSU and in late Fall of last year we were thrilled to offer trendy options for UCO! We are so excited to be able to offer options for the University of Central Oklahoma bronchos in this year's launch! 

When I create our collegiate collection each year I keep in mind curating looks for not only the fan that will be attending the game in the stadium but also the fan that might want a less traditional option for watch parties or a night out to watch the game somewhere! Personally, if I am attending a game and have a full day of tailgating and hanging around Campus Corner in Norman (boomer!!) I want something that not only looks good and isn't just any ol t-shirt but an outfit that is comfortable and can have an accent piece tied at the waist or worn over a logo'd t-shirt or tank! I can tie a denim shirt at the waist for a trendy look all day, then throw that shirt on over my tank or t-shirt when it gets chilly at night! If I'm watching the game at a watch party or out and about on the town somewhere I tend to want to wear team colors but maybe a dressier option so my chiffon kimono or cardigans in team colors are always my go to paired with any of our trendy lace up heels or ankle booties

In this year's collection you can expect to find not only tons of officially licensed t-shirts and tanks for OU, OSU, and UCO for women, men, and kids but also great team colored pieces such as cardigans, kimonos, Pikos, bralettes, denim shirts and plaids to help you pull together a trendy gameday look that's sure to make you the talk of any tailgate! Annddd with our new website this year you'll be able to filter to see options specific to your team only! We've created tabs for each individual school that will show you the t-shirt and tank options only. We've also created a new tab titled "curated looks" that will show the trendy fashion pieces we styled with the t-shirts. Shopping made easy! 

I am so excited to bring you this exclusive sneak peek of our 2016 collegiate collection, Lush University! 

 Video by David Mcneese of Mcneese Stills + Motion.  

We worked with David on our American Summer collection and were absolutely blown away at what he captured! He's officially been kidnapped into the Lush squad for life! 

Beau Brand, of Brand Imaging, never fails to capture any vision I have in my head beautifully and perfectly no matter how terrible I am at communicating what I see in my mind! Not only is he one of the best photographers in the state but he's an absolute blast to be around! We shot this collection on a very hot Summer day and Beau rolled up in his swim trunks and snuck off for a few hilarious cannonballs in the pool here and there in between scenes! Anyways here are a few of my favorites from Beau! 



Matt Farthing.... I really don't know what title to give him these days! Technically you could call him our "website manager" because that's what his business card says, but he's more like "utility player". BRB gonna go order him new business cards.........

But seriously. Matt started out as our website manager and picked up a camera and a photography hobby that turned into something AMAZING! His natural talent and creative vision is what makes Lush what it is! Here are some of my favorite shots from Matt! 




 The band got back together for this shoot!

 The usual suspects all came together to make this shoot another successful one!


Kristen Giroux styled the shoot and kept the shots creative as usual bringing great ideas to the table!

Rylee Tubre, Leslie Camp, and Jordan Fine all came along for the ride and helped with sets, props, and models! We couldn't have done it without their help! 

JD Terry couldn't make it to this shoot but he so graciously loaned us a sweet retro Blazer (I seriously considered buying it!) that Dylan Davis transported to the shoot for us! I am so thankful for these two guys taking time out of their day and providing us with amazing cars! We've officially kidnapped them into the Lush creative squad too!

For every shoot we do and have done for the past 2 years our friends at Lifesquire do tons of behind the scenes work months in advance to help bring our vision to life! Everything from coordinating props, locations, and hand making creative pieces to add perfect finishing touches to each scene! I am forever grateful for Courtney and the rest of the Lifesquire crew! 

This shoot was shot at my parents house in Piedmont, America! Just like high school they let me and my crew totally invade their space and eat all their food for a day! We appreciate that! 


As with any collection we put out a TON of work goes into it months in advance! I really do have the hardest working staff on the planet! Every single Lush staff member has a job to do heading into the week of collection launch and they never cease to amaze me at how hard they work to help me bring this together each time! 


This is just a tiny sneak peek of the many options we will have in our Lush University collection! This year we did tons of unisex options that are great for guys and gals! As usual we will have plenty of options for babies and kids too! 

This collection has many styles that were custom designed exclusively for Lush Fashion Lounge in collaboration with not only local vendors but nationwide vendors! Many of the officially licensed t-shirts and tanks designs are exclusive to Lush Fashion Lounge in collaboration with local brands. Many of the curated looks you will see that include kimonos, cardigans, bralettes,and plaids were custom created for us in team specific colors by national vendors! I've said it once and I can't say it enough I am forever grateful for these partnerships and for the opportunity to create and collaborate with them! 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek and cannot WAIT to start sneak peeking everyday this week! Set your calendars for the launch of Lush University this Friday July 22nd at 10am CST. 


Til next time,






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