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May 15, 2016

Always a bridesmaid

Wedding season is here!!!

This week's blog was supposed to be focused on the cute bride and bridesmaid tank tops and t-shirts that can be found at Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma!

As I type this my creative manager is prepping outfits for our next collection... big photo shoot coming is happening today! 

Anyways I asked her what I should name this blog. We said things like "going to the chapel" and "something blue"..... then I sarcastically said "always a bridesmaid". We looked at each other and laughed and said "perfect".


Fun and Trendy Bridal Graphic Tees


If you read my Growing Pains blog you'll recognize that stunningly beautiful bride on the left as my best friend, Lindsey. That'd be me on the right....

*photo credit to Amanda Grace Photography for taking this accidental yet hilarious candid.

Always a bridesmaid  isn't just a cute, quirky graphic t-shirt we carry. It used to be a way of life for me which is what inspired that design! Truth. Ask any of my closest friends. I have been in more weddings than any of my friends.... some combined! I can remember one Summer in particular I was in 3 weddings in the same Summer. 2 of the bachelorette parties fell on the same night! I would switch parties every hour going back and forth between the 2! Ironically this was the same year the movie 27 Dresses came out!

The first few weddings I was in I was young. Too young to know the drill. Now at the age of 31 I guess you could say I'm a pro when it comes to bridesmaiding. 

I was always the life of the wedding party. The unmarried, no kid havin', bachelorette party type of gal. After probably wedding #5 I figured out my bridesmaid niche. I was the bachelorette party planner. I had that down! It didn't matter if the bride to be wanted to stay in town or travel I knew all the ropes on how to do it right where everyone would have a good time! I knew to bring all the good snacks, play the right games, and go to the best places! 

I learned plenty of bridesmaid tips along the way! Here's a few tips and stories of my days of "bridesmaiding".

But first.... here's a magical picture of me bridesmaiding like a complete boss at Lindsey's wedding....


Cute Bridesmaids in Trendy Dresses


It's magical really. Like an art. It's like the bridesmaid Gods from above are speaking to me right there on the reception dance floor.

*photo credit Amanda Grace Photography

Anyways back to my tips:

1) Wear waterproof mascara. You only think you can handle a wedding.... until your single AF and you see the way the bride and groom look at each other. 

2) Bring your entire life the day of the wedding. Think Mary Poppin's bag. (google it young kids) You can never be over prepared for the big day and chances are the bride to be's plate has been so full little things pop up that are always helpful! Static guard, a sewing kit, a portable steamer, medicine, safety pins...... You can never be over prepared on wedding day.

3) Try your dress on a week prior to the wedding. No seriously......

True story.... one of my best friends growing up got the bridesmaids the cutest custom made little black dresses with leopard bows. I got fitted for mine months ahead. Fast forward to the month of the wedding. The bride repeatedly told us to swing by and get our dresses and try ours on. I was a young college student with great metabolism who ate whatever I wanted and didn't think about weight gain or really even notice it. I swung by and grabbed my dress without trying it on. The bride's mom knows me too well. As she prepared us the most delicious breakfast quiche I ever eaten (go figure I remember the food) she forced me to try my dress on. Guess what? It didn't zip. Not only did it not zip it wouldn't budge. Not even a little bit. Not even enough to half zip and maybe pin the rest. 

At this point I was sweating. Pictures were soon and we had things we needed to help do and I certainly didn't want to stress the bride out! The bride to be's mom quickly took my dress to the tailor and asked them to let it out as much as it could be. The tailor did a very quick job and she was rushing back to the house with my now bigger dress in route! 

Guess what? Still doesn't zip. In complete panic mode we take it back and have them let out so much fabric that it no longer had a legit seam. They might've even added fabric now that I think about it. Whatever they did it did the trick and I was zipped in ready to go. Unable to breathe, but in the dress!

4) Bring snacks on the wedding day. (hey, you fit in your dress at this point right?!) You'll be glad you did and be sure to be the most popular gal in the dressing room! Wedding days are chaos and fast paced. We don't need a hangry bride or bridesmaid! 

5) Offer any help you can whenever you can. Wedding planning is stressful and the bride to be would love some extra help! Not just on the day of, but months leading up to the big day! Not only is it helpful, but it's a good excuse to spend some time with one of your best friends while lending a hand! 


In each of the wedding parties I was involved in a common thing that was always wanted was cute, trendy graphic t-shirts or tank tops for the bride to be or the bridesmaids! It seems as if we were always searching for the perfect "bride to be", "bridesmaids" or "bride" tank top or t-shirt and the options were less than cute, or were made to order off Etsy and we were usually on a time crunch and couldn't find ones to get to us in time for the bachelorette party or wedding day! 

In collaboration with one of our local vendors, Kickoff Couture, I decided to expand our cute, trendy graphic tank tops and t-shirts into bride to be and bridesmaid options to give wedding parties trendy options that are in stock ready to ship quickly! Even better in stock in store ready to purchase! Our trendy cute collection of bridal tees and tanks is sure to be the perfect gift for any bride to be or for bridesmaids from the future bride!

Back to the bridesmaid talk..... A bride to be's bridal party is like her army. Her pack ready to help get her down that aisle! Her squad.


Fun Bride and Bridesmaid Graphic Tees for Weddings



Boutique Wedding Party Outfits


Armed with hair spray, curling irons, snacks, and sometimes even booze, a bride's squad is ready to dominate wedding day.

Shop the bride squad look here:

Bride squad tank

Lace racerback bralettes 


Of course I have to show you this option....


Fun and Unique Bridesmaid T-Shirt


This trendy, cute, and super soft always a bridesmaid t-shirt is not only great for everyday wear but makes for the best photo ops!

Shop it here:

Always a bridesmaid t-shirt


Now for the brides!

Our tanks and t-shirts with trendy sayings such as bride to be, hitched, and taken seriously make the absolute perfect bridal gift! Throw one of these trendy bridal graphic t-shirts or tanks in a gift bag for the personal shower at the bachelorette party for the easiest, low stress gift that the bride will absolutely LOVE!


Bright and Fun Bride to Be Tank Top


Trendy Bride to Be Graphic T-Shirt


I know I sound repetitive but seriously imagine the photo opportunities with these adorable bridal t-shirts and tank tops!! I have this vision in my head of a bride on her wedding day wearing a large full white tulle skirt (or her actual gown if it's a full skirt cut) with the bride to be tank tied on the side. The picture is shot from high up looking down on the bride. Any bride to be needs one of these tees or tanks and can put it to good use for the perfect picture on her big day!

Shop these looks here:

Bride to be tank top

Border print floral shorts 

Bride to be t-shirt 

Fuschia shorts 




Unique Hitched Tank Top for a Bride


Speaking of the perfect gift for any bride to be this hitched tank top is the perfect honeymoon tank for any newlywed! Perfect for any bride to be looking for a cute trendy graphic tank top to pair over her bikini and printed shorts on a beach honeymoon!

Shop this look here:

Hitched tank top

Floral shorts


Stylish and Funny Taken Tank Top for Brides


Talk about another perfect photo op! This adorable trendy taken tank top is perfect for any bride, wife, or any girl wanting to show off she's taken in style! I am OBSESSED with how cute this tank (or any of our bridal collection tees or tanks) looks with this floral skirt. I can't think of a cuter option to wear for engagement pictures or even to your shower!

Shop the look here:

Taken tank top

Floral skirt




Speaking of engagements and being taken..............


Unique Taken Mug for a Bride to Be


Looks like this bridesmaid has got some plannin' to do! 

Shop my taken mug here:

Taken coffee mug 

I can cross off my planning list where to find the cutest bridal tanks and tees for myself and the cutest bridesmaid tanks and tees for my bride squad! 

Anndddd I will for sure try my dress on in advance.



Til next time....