Owner Carrie Boevers from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City
May 12, 2023

First Wives Club

Allow me to reintroduce myself....

If you've shopped with us for a hot minute you've probably noticed my creativity always shines through the season of life I'm in at the time. Whether it's a pet parent collection when I got my first dog, Ralphie, (RIP 💔)........ (Which btw RIP to our pet parent collection as we've retired it for now but I'm proud to say we donated thousands of dollars over the years to various local Oklahoma dog rescues)

to a lake t-shirt collection because that used to be my happy place, to custom exclusive Oklahoma gameday apparel such as OU Sooners shirts, Oklahoma State Cowboys shirts, and then eventually adding my alma mater the University of Central Oklahoma apparel briefly, to... well... a bridal collection........

7 years ago I launched our first bride collection here at Lush Fashion Lounge after I got engaged. Ironically I waited 7 years to get engaged.... 

So I threw that season of life into creativity as I always do, and wrote this blog titled Always a Bridesmaid. To this day it's still one of my favorite blogs I've written that gives a more personal touch to my life than just product tags. 

About 3 and 1/2 years ago I got married. (I know what you're thinking, I've done the math too.) 

About 8 months ago... (I know...) I got divorced......



For the first few months I poured my energy into ALL the creative things. I was in photo shoots for the first time in a decade....

Nirvana t-shirt from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City  

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Green sweater from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

I put myself in styling videos, poured my energy into curating collections and photo shoots, all while taking a much needed step back from the Lush campus itself. I was finding a happy work life balance I'd desperately needed for at least a decade. I had been working myself to death at Lush.


So with this new season of life my creative energy was put into some new merchandise, of course...

 Dump him sweatshirt from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

**disclaimer- this is by no means a personal jab at my ex husband. Again, what season of life I'm in has always been reflected at Lush and designs and styles that were already out there available I might not have as a buyer picked up even though there was a market for it.  I did not custom produce these.


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Dump him trucker hat dump her trucker hat from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

We got requests for Dump her merch so I did however custom produce these! 

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First Wives Club

If you haven't seen the movie First Wives Club regardless of your marital status you've gotta watch it! A classic. 

But also a club I didn't picture myself a part of. Nobody does. But, here I am. A 38 year old successful woman with no kids. Just dogs. And single AF. 

A flaw of mine (or maybe not a flaw?) is I like to laugh through pain. It's just what I do. This is not a joke. While this is not intended to be dark and stormy either. I wrote this for many reasons. 

1) To lightly and quickly catch my customers and audience up on my life and why I've been slightly M.I.A. from Lush for awhile. Like I mentioned above I had to take a much needed step back while I worked through this major life change. Our loyal customers know I've got the best staff on the planet so I was able to do this quite possibly without it even being noticeable to most. Having said that part- I have, and will continue to, make my way back into Lush more and more. I am at a new season of life now where I plan to pour every ounce of energy I can back into the best clothing store in Oklahoma. I can promise you all that! 

Get styled by Carrie Boevers of Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City

Speaking of- be sure to stay tuned in to our social media to know when you can catch me in store to personally style you all! 

You can also follow my personal Instagram page for behind the scenes Lush content! Insta handle carrieb_okc 

2) To address the issue of divorce. If you've never been through one, I encourage you to love your friends going through one unconditionally without judgement. You truly, truly do not understand it unless you have been directly affected by it. 

3) To let other badass, strong, independent women (or men!) know they're not alone and they're not a failure. Take control of your life and start living while healing. It takes TIME too. You are not your normal self just overnight. Be kind and patient. 

4) To tag products for google and SEO purposes... duh...

5) As a form of my own healing. The last blog I wrote was in October. (do the math....) 


*shameless plug*

First wives club trucker hat from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

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I'm interviewed a lot by students about being an entrepreneur- and I always say don't ever be afraid to fail. I failed at ALOT of things before I found success at Lush. While this season of life I'm in now isn't quite the same comparison, I'd like to keep that hope. I might have failed at a nearly 14 year relationship, but I'm confident that one day a success (no matter who, what, where, when, or how) will follow. And if it doesn't... that's not a failure. The success will be me being the best, happiest version of myself. 



This blog could not be any more vulnerable. I've always worn my heart and emotions on my sleeve, but tend to keep a lot of my life private. 

One thing divorce brought out in me was it's ok to be vulnerable. 

It also showcased my anxiety like an absolute trophy. 

So... in this season of life... I custom produced these...

Vulnerable trucker hat and because anxiety trucker hat from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

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 Because anxiety t-shirts from Lush Fashion Lounge womens boutique in Oklahoma City

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Once a bride...

I may be in a new season of life right now, but I was once a bride. Not to worry that collection won't be going anywhere for any reason other than if it stops selling for us! 

You can still shop tons of cute bride outfit options from our bride collection. It's jam packed with white dresses, white rompers, bride t-shirts, bride gifts and more! 


 Divorced with dogs

I guess that's what I will call this new season of life! 

For those of you that have been shopping with us for years, you may remember our shop pup, Ralphie, from the little older store. I'm sad to report that literally weeks after my divorce was finalized- Ralphie passed away after complications from removing a cancerous mass. 

 Dog mom t-shirt from Lush Fashion Lounge womens boutique in Oklahoma City

Our other little cutie shop dog that still makes appearances in our current store location, Rosie, is still kicking it. 


Dog coffee mug from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

 Rosie has a new friend! I recently adopted Roxie! You might not catch her at the shop because she's a little sketched out by being in small rooms like my office, so she prefers to roam free at home! 


You know what... maybe I will revisit the pet parent collection...

Divorced with Dogs.... on a tee... or a hat... 



Til next time (which I promise won't be half a year)

*cue the Shawn Mendes Tik Tok "hey peopleeee... it's beennnn a minuteeee"


Check on each other and love one another! That's genuine and from my heart. 



Carrie B