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March 29, 2020

The Easter Edit 2020

I thought and thought about writing a blog for this Easter fashion apparel collection launch. I really did. With such an uncertain time we are living in right now I just don't feel right writing a cheery blog about the latest Easter fashion.

But after thinking more about it- I know personally I want to feel a sense of normalcy. Last week was one of the worst weeks of my entire life as a small business owner here at Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique. My heart is breaking for so many others, not just small business owners, facing tough decisions and a new normal for an uncertain time. My heart goes out to everyone right now. For the first couple days of our Oklahoma City brick & mortar clothing store location being closed I got up, got dressed as I normally would for work, and even put myself in our creatives on social media.  Shortly after I found myself not even putting on makeup and barely getting dressed for work. I made a pact with myself I'd stick to my normal routine daily from there on out. Go for a run at the same time I'd go to the gym normally, get ready for work as I would if I were working the sales floor on a busy Saturday, among other things....

We've always had a saying with our staff here at Lush Fashion Lounge... "look good feel good". We've said that for as long as I can remember. It really is true. On days I put effort into my appearance I tend to perform better because I'm "lookin good and feelin good". It's my sense of normalcy during this time. 

So after consideration I chose to proceed with this sneak peek collection launch blog as I always do on collection launch days. While we don't know what this Easter hold for us this year, this collection launch is full of items to spread some cheer and pastels your way! 

We had to improvise a lot of things for this collection after quickly temporarily closing our brick & mortar location and sending all staff home for a period of time! 

Our photographer, Matt Farthing, shot these Easter outfits quickly, and beautifully in our creative studio in our warehouse. 

Our Easter Edit collection mixes tons of new arrivals including pastel sweaters, Spring sweaters, ruffle skirts in Spring prints, KanCan white jeans, Spring floral dresses, Spring blazers, and much more all mixed in with other items we feel fit the Easter outfit bill! 

No matter what our Easter plans may be, these looks are perfect for anything Spring once we get back to our routines! 

Cute boho dress from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

Cute blazer and shorts set from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

Floral smocked dress from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma

Cute floral dress from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

Cute blazer set from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City

 Floral headband from Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City


You can shop these looks all exclusively online at tonight @ 7pm CST when our Easter Edit launches! 

Don't forget we are doing curbside pickup! Place your order online, choose store pickup, you'll be notified once it's ready, and once you arrive to pick it up call us and we will bring it out to you! 

I cannot stress how important supporting local businesses is right now! If you're able to shop small, please do! If you're not able to shop please show support by liking, commenting, and sharing any local businesses social media! It really does help! 

I'd like to take this time to say thank you all for your support during this uncertain time. We have the best customers! Please let us know how we can serve you during this time!