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June 18, 2017

Summa Summa Time

Cue DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. 

(If you've read my previous blogs you'll know Will Smith was my very first celebrity crush)

It's Summa time and I wanted to take the time to showcase some of our Summer time must have items! 

This Summer I've already gotten to visit the lake or pool more than I have in any other years combined since I've owned Lush! I can't get enough! It could be partially because I'm re-watching every single Dawson's Creek episode and they're always on boats and by water! (Seriously I bought all 128 episodes of Dawson's Creek on Itunes since it's no longer available on Netflix. A blast from the past. Currently listening to Meredith Brooks on Pandora. Someone plz send help. James Van Der Beek was probably my second celebrity crush.)

Anyways my beach bag pretty much stays packed all Summer long! I've got packing for a lake, beach, or pool day down! 

Here are some of my go to Summer items! 


1) Pretty much anything from our Leisure by Lush collection. 

Let me start off by letting my loyal blog readers know that starting tomorrow in store and online our Leisure by Lush collection is 25% off for the next two weeks! Butttttt you can shop the deal early. Let me let you in on a boss lady secret.... the discount code is valid today only for my blog readers! Use code LEISURE25 at checkout online tonight! Beat the rush and make sure you get the goods before they sell out! 

Shop it here: Leisure by Lush

First and foremost anytime I'm headed to the lake, beach, or pool I grab one of our super trendy graphic t-shirts or tank tops! This collection is jam packed with Summer and vacay specific designs all exclusive to us in collaboration with local brands so you won't find them anywhere else! Here are a few of my faves: 

Lush Fashion Lounge | Trendy Vacation T-Shirt

Side note- we definitely sell that disco ball cup and you totally need it for any pool party! 

Shop it here: 

Lush Fashion Lounge | Cute Vacation T-Shirt
Lush Fashion Lounge | Fun Cactus T-Shirt
Lush Fashion Lounge | Affordable Good Times Tank Top
Lush Fashion Lounge | Funny Resting Beach Face T-Shirts

You can find all of these trendy tee and tank options in our Leisure by Lush collection by clicking here

I'm not kidding when I say this collection is packed with Summer must haves! Even trendy oversized pool floats! We've got flamingos, pineapples, donuts, and even a cactus in stock now just waiting to liven up any pool party! 


Lush Fashion Lounge | Stylish Vacation Two-Piece Swimsuit
Lush Fashion Lounge | Adorable Vacay Bikini
Lush Fashion Lounge | Trendy Colorful Bikini Top
Lush Fashion Lounge | Cute Summer Accessories

Of course we can't forget the beach bag and towels! 

These new trendy totes are a serious must! They zip shut and are only $20! Annddd the design was hand sketched by a local artist in collaboration with a local brand so you're ultimately supporting 3 locally women owned businesses when you buy these! #girlpower (told you I'm in this weird 90s Dawson's Creek phase right now... Spice Girls anyone?)

Lush Fashion Lounge | Fun Vacation Accessories

Shop it here

Of course we can't forget the beach towels! We've got the cutest, trendy round styles in stock now! 

Lush Fashion Lounge | Affordable Round Beach Towels
Lush Fashion Lounge | Stylish Round Beach Towels

Shop all towel options here

2) Quay Sunglasses

You guys. If you haven't tried a pair of these yet you've got to!! I'd been hearing about Quay for awhile (**fun fact** it's actually pronounced "key") and finally decided to jump on board and carry the brand. I truly honestly didn't think I would like them personally on my face but was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on! My personal faves are the "all my love" style in rose gold. I have never in my life received so many compliments on a pair of sunglasses as I have with these! People stop me literally every time I wear them! 

Good news if you don't live close you can shop them online as well! 

Lush Fashion Lounge | Trendy Summertime Sunglasses
Lush Fashion Lounge | Cute Quay Sunglasses

This pair is my personal fave! Shop them here

Lush Fashion Lounge | Fun Vacation Sunglasses
Lush Fashion Lounge | Affordable Staycation Sunglasses

That's just a few of the large selection we carry! Shop all Quay here

3) Swimsuits of course!! 

Many of you may not know this but we now carry a large selection of awesome swimsuits by our friends at S-A-Y online! We've got the exclusive in the area so you won't find these around town anywhere else! 

Three awesome things to point out about our swimwear. 

-It's all made in the USA! 

-It's all seamless making it a great fit without hugging any wrong spots! 

-They're all reversible! You're getting 2 suits in 1 and can easily mix prints with solids too! 

Lush Fashion Lounge | Stylish Colorful Swimwear
Lush Fashion Lounge | Adorable Summertime One Piece

I am absolutely obsessed with this new one piece! It can be switched to the solid black side as well! 

Our swimwear isn't sold online so visit us in store if you're local, or call us to order one by phone and have it shipped! 

4) Hats

A must have for any lake, beach, or pool day is the perfect hat of course! We've got trendy floppy hats or washed baseball caps in TONS of colors and design options! 

Lush Fashion Lounge | Funny Vacation Hats

I personally prefer the washed baseball caps. We'd been selling these for awhile before I finally decided to try one for myself and it's now in my weekly outfit rotation. You will absolutely LOVE these! Here are a few of the many colors and styles we carry. 

Lush Fashion Lounge | Affordable Oklahoma Hats


Lush Fashion Lounge | Stylish Oklahoma Caps
Lush Fashion Lounge | Adorable Oklahoma Hat


Lush Fashion Lounge | Trendy Lake Hats
Lush Fashion Lounge | Cute Adventurer Hats

5) Anything Piko

Seriously y'all. If you haven't checked out our Pikos lately you are missing out! Piko has an all new look and we are always the first to get the newest styles from them, many exlcusive custom colors and fabrics to us! 

Piko isn't just the original baggy body, tight sleeve top you're thinking of. They've got a new line of trendy pieces you're sure to love! 

I pack Piko everywhere I go! The versatility is so great for traveling. Pack one style of top or tank top that can be worn during the day over your swimsuit with shorts for a trendy yet effortless look, but can also be thrown on at night with a pair of tassel earrings and skinny jeans with heels! They also travel well with minimal wrinkling which is a bonus! 

The style I personally can't get enough of right now is the cross front tank tops! I wear one almost everytime I go out which is getting comical at this point because I basically just change my pants. I love these tops this much! 

Lush Fashion Lounge | Colorful Cross-Top Tank Tops
Lush Fashion Lounge | Black Cross-Front Tank Top

So many colors of this trendy, easy to wear Piko tank top are available! 

Shop all Piko here



That's it.

I hope I made packing for your Summer travels easy as ever! 


If you haven't made it by our store lately swing by and see the new expanded space we've got! Things are much less crammed and more room to shop comfortably! 


Til next time