Cute Holiday Inspired T-Shirts & Christmas Outfits
October 28, 2018

{Sneak Peek} FalalalaLush

Happy Hallo...wait.....

I type that same entrance every year in this sneak peek blog. Being in retail my mind gets so confused this time of year. I'm planning my Halloween costume (you guys are gonna die when you see what Leslie and I are being this year at work lol!!) while eating Halloween candy but listening to Christmas pop on Spotify to try and get my mind right inspiration wise for this major collection launch we've got happening this week! 

Holiday prep is in full effect here y'all! We've had meetings regarding Black Friday and Cyber Monday planning, we are working on gift guides, and we've already rolled out our extended Holiday return policy along with our Holiday gift bags and tissue! In the world of retail.... Christmas is already here and I AM SO HERE FOR IT!!

I love everything about the Holidays. The smells. The music. The cold weather. The movies. The food. All of it! Every year the launch of our Holiday collections will have you ready for all things Holiday! 

In this year's holiday apparel collection you can find an eclectic mix of designs ranging from Christmas vacation classics to exclusive, limited edition Oklahoma designs! We also snuck in a few non t-shirt options in this collection too that are sure to help complete your festive ensemble. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our party collection dropping in a couple of weeks too! 

Bottom line is if you're searching for trendy graphic Christmas t-shirts for the Holidays this collection has the whole family covered! We've got unisex designs great for both guys and girls along with adorable onesies and tees for the kiddos! 

Andddd as always the best part about this collection is that its designed EXCLUSIVELY for us in collaboration with local vendors so you won't find these designs anywhere else! THANK YOU to our local vendors for always allowing us to collaborate on exclusives! 

I am so excited to show you these sneak peeks of FalalalaLush! It launches this Thursday, November 1st @ 10am in store and on 

Our creative director and my good friend, Matt Farthing, shot this entire collection and once again absolutely nailed it! I could probably never show up to a shoot again and wake up to perfect images every time! His eye is really unmatched. 


Here is just a small peek of our collection that launches this Thursday!!


Cute Christmas Gifts


OK. STOP RIGHT THERE. I cannot with this. This is my dog Ralphie and he's perfect. 

Oh and that cozy blanket will launch with the collection. 

In case you're wondering yes I decorated my house for Christmas in October again this year for the shoot...... 


Cute Holiday Gifts


No seriously. Falalalalook at my dog.

Ok carry on....


Trendy Christmas T-Shirts



Trendy Holiday T-Shirts



Trendy Christmas Sweatshirts



Cute Christmas T-Shirts for Kids


Ok we have to pause here.... see that blurry Santa? That'd be my fiancee, Kory. All 5'9 of him. I cannot stop laughing to even type this and cannot describe to you how hard we laughed this day. We have a couple of Santa costumes from previous shoots and we managed to get to the location without the beard. I walk in to him cutting the cuff off of one of the costumes and duct taping it on his face to make a beard. The "bad santa" jokes were endless this day. He really does look like a Mall Santa counting down the minutes until his lunch break. I can't stop laughing. This will never not be funny. If you look close enough you can see his everyday realtor attire peeking out from under the suit.


Christmas Themed Apparel


Anyways thanks Kory for doing this. lolllllll.


Trendy Christmas Outfits



Trendy Christmas Sweaters



Cute Christmas Morning Outfit


The plaid joggers tho. Catch them live with the launch too!


Trendy Christmas Graphic T-Shirt



Funny Christmas T-Shirts



Trendy Christmas Fashion



Stylish Christmas Outfits



Cute Oklahoma Christmas T-Shirt



Trendy Oklahoma Christmas T-Shirt



Trendy Oklahoma Christmas Outfits



Trendy Christmas T-Shirts for Family


*proud aunt alert* This is my adorable niece. She's a pro at this point. She's almost 6 and she started modeling for us as soon as she was old enough to walk!


So much hard work goes into each collection launch! A big thank you to my staff! Shoutout to our general manager, Leslie Farthing, for styling this shoot and for assisting on the shoot! 

Shoutout to creative assistant, Kaylee Yeager, for assisting on many of the creative flat lays you will see throughout the marketing of this collection!  

Thank you to my parents for allowing us to invade their backyard and once again decorate it for Christmas in October!


Trendy Christmas Fashion


Last but certainly not least thank you to all the models! If you've read my previous blogs you'll know that every girl you see in our photos works either in our store or our warehouse! You might see some new faces here and you'll get to know those new faces anytime you stop by! The male model, Alvin,  is a friend of our staff members. He's been modeling for us for a few years now and he's definitely a part of our family!


Be sure to set a reminder for Thursday at 10am CST to check out the launch of FalalalaLush in store and on 


But first.....


Trick or Treat! 


Til next time