Trendy Oklahoma City inspired graphic t-shirts
April 02, 2017



What's not to love about Oklahoma in general. 

I was born and raised here in the great state of OKLA and wouldn't have it any other way! 

I especially love OKC! Here in the last few years especially the new businesses most of which are locally owned that have evolved all across OKC is something truly exciting to see! 

With all this OKC pride I'm feelin I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites from our OKC t-shirt collection.  What I love most about this collection is it can be worn all year long no matter what the occasion is! Whether you're attending a basketball game, baseball game, or just sportin your love for OKC this collection has it all! 

The best thing about this collection right now is that it's 25% off this week only!!

Trendy Oklahoma City Graphic T-Shirts

Now that's something to CELEBRATE! 

That's right! April Weekly Steals are back! 

Today through Saturday take 25% off our Oklahoma City t-shirt collection in store and online! Online shoppers use code OKC25. 

*Insider tip. If it were me I'd hit the website right now and get a jump start on shopping this great deal early before items sell out! 

The next best thing about this collection right now is that it's all locally made right here in Oklahoma by local brands!

That's right! When you shop our OKC clothing collection you're supporting ultimately multiple local businesses which is a great thing! 

We collaborate on exclusive designs with Kickoff Couture , LivyLu, and Opolis Clothing to bring you all one of the best selections of OKC inspired apparel in town! 


Sit back, relax, and check out some of my favorite things in our OKC apparel collection!

Oklahoma City Vintage Graphic T-Shirts

This t-shirt is an absolute MUST HAVE. The colors. The fit of the t-shirt. Everything! Best part is it's his and hers.... unisex! 

Oklahoma City Trendy Apparel

These swing style tanks by LivyLu  are life! You will seriously LOVE the way it fits! I also love this design as well and the light blue color. 

Oklahoma City Trendy Clothing

The best thing about this design is it can roll from basketball right into baseball season! 

Retro Oklahoma City Graphic T-Shirts

Another his and hers option here! If you've read my previous blogs you'll know my fiancee and I are legit the same size t-shirt. We share this one! 

Trendy OKC Shirts


Because Russell Westbrook.

That's why. 


Cute OKC T-Shirts

Ok. If you don't own any of our washed hats.... you're seriously missing out! I rarely wear hats. I've been very very sick for quite awhile and just can't get it together enough to wash my hair lately. I decided to go ahead and give one of our OKLA washed hats a try while I was going incognito covering my dirty hair...... and FELL IN LOVE. I now have multiple colors of the OKLA hat, this OKC hat, and any other washed hat I could get my hands on in our store!!

Cute Oklahoma City T-Shirts

Another good his and hers option! These marble t-shirts have been best sellers for years and years and are one of my personal favorites! 

Designer Oklahoma City T-Shirts

This simple block design pops on this heathered orange t-shirt. I love it especially for Spring/Summer! 

Trendy OKC Thunder T-Shirts

I am OBSESSED with this updated slouchy tank! If you've liked our slouchy tanks in the past you'll LOVE this new side slit slouchy tank. Very on trend and this design is straight FIRE. 

OKC Babe Apparel

If you don't own any of our terry loop sweaters you're REALLY missing out! I have I think every single design we offer in the terry loop. I wear them so much that a staff member once asked me if I wear the same thing everyday lol!!!

These are great all year long. I will be packing my terry loops with me to my beach vacations and to the lake this Summer for those chilly Summer nights on the water! 

Trendy Oklahoma City Accessories

Did you know we offer coffee tumblers and mugs in our collection too? The perfect gifts! 


There is seriously absolutely NO WAY for me to show you all of my favorites. We offer TONS of OKC clothing and accessories

Be sure to take advantage of this week's April weekly steal too! 25% off this collection in store and online! 



Can you keep a secret??

For being loyal readers of my blog I'm going to give you a heads up of what next week's April weekly steal will be! 

For the week of April 9th it will be 25% off our Leisure by Lush collection! 

Don't tell.



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Til next time




P.S. Pardon our renovations this week in store. It's goin down. Literally. An entire wall is going down as we speak right now! Your in store shopping experience is about to get a whole lot better!!!