Trendy Mother's Day Graphic T-Shirts
April 15, 2018

Mother's Day tees

Mom Life. 

Cheers to all the moms out there killin' the Mom life everyday!

Mother's Day is always a busy weekend here at Lush Fashion Lounge and we've got the perfect collection for Moms to rep! 

Whether you're shopping for a trendy graphic t-shirt for yourself, or shopping for gifts for mom this collection has it all! We've got options for the future baby mamas, any fun loving mom with a sense of humor and style, and even options for dog moms

Our Mom t-shirts launch tonight (Sunday, April 15th) on at 7pm CST! They will be available in our store at 10am on Monday morning (April 16th). 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this sneak peek of what will go live tonight!


Our creative director, Matt Farthing, took all photos and as always captured it perfectly! 

Trendy Mom Life Graphic Tee

Its tough out there in the pickup line streets....

Stylish Mom + Wine T-shirt

Because Mom juice. 

Funny Mother's Day T-Shirt

Listen... I don't have kids. But I witnessed my sister survive my nieces threenage stage and it's a real thing...

Peep Karter. That little cutie belongs to our website manager. She might be the funniest kid I know! 

Unique Cool Mom Fashion

Not like a regular mom....

Trendy Mama T-Shirt

That little one is my niece!...

Stylish Mother's Day T-Shirt

*disclaimer* this t-shirt can be worn by hot mess moms and hot mess non moms!

Funny Mom Fashion

Unique Mom Graphic Tees

The cutest options for mamas to be! 

*another disclaimer* snacks and naps can be worn by mamas to be and non mamas to be!


Trendy Dog Mom T-Shirt

Stylish Dog Mom Graphic Tee

Funny Dog Mama Fashion

We've also got new options for dog mamas out there! 

*Fun Fact*. Did you know 10% of the sales of our pet parent collection goes to local animal rescues and organizations? So far we've been able to donate to many local organizations such as Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society, Haven of Hope,  All Paws, and even have made a contribution to Paw Park! 


These newest additions to our Pet Parent collection will benefit All 4 One Rescue

Click here to visit their website to learn more about All 4 One Rescue


I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek! Set a reminder for the launch of these designs tonight at 7pm CST (Sunday April 15th) on! Live local? Swing by tomorrow morning (Monday April 16th) to catch them in store!



Shoutout to all the mamas in the world who juggle everyday life and kids whether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom, all you mamas have the toughest job in the world and manage to kill it everyday! 



Speaking of moms....

Shoutout to the best mom on the planet- MY MOM!

I could share a picture of her today but what would be the fun in that? And she doesn't really age (bonus for me and my genes) so its safe to say her face looks the same now! 


Cute Mom Outfits


That perm tho....  killin' it! 


Til next time