OU Sooners, OSU Cowboys and UCO Bronchos Gameday Apparel
July 30, 2017

Lush University 2017 SNEAK PEEK!

*cue the marching band*

How is it already almost August?! 

We've got TONS happening here at Lush right now! Oklahoma Tax Free Weekend is coming up this weekend which means back to school shopping has begun! (In case you're wondering we are offering INSANE deals on top of your purchases being tax free this Friday, Saturday, and SUNDAY <----- yes our store will be open this Sunday for this event! Stay tuned for details) 

And what better back to school happening than the launch of the trendiest Oklahoma gameday apparel collection around.... Lush University! 

I cannot WAIT to bring you this sneak peek! If you're searching for a HUGE selection of trendy Oklahoma gameday clothing for the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Central Oklahoma you've got to set a reminder for TONIGHT at 7pm CST for the launch of our collegiate line on shop.lushfashionlounge.com! The line will launch in store tomorrow (Monday) at 10am CST when we open! 

When I create our collegiate collection each year I keep in mind curating looks for not only the fan that will be attending the game in the stadium but also the fan that might want a less traditional option for watch parties or a night out to watch the game somewhere! My personal favorite gameday look is tying an accent piece such as one of our denim shirts or plaid shirts at the waist with any of our trendy logo'd tees or tanks! Not only is it cute and trendy but it serves a purpose! I can tailgate all day without having to carry a light jacket around for a night game, and untie it from my waist to layer up once it gets chilly! 

I truly think this collection has something for every fan! Women...Men...Kids.... We've got throwback inspired designs, designs printed on the latest trends in fashion.... hats... 

It's important to note our items are officially licensed by the universities so you know you're getting the real deal! Most of our t-shirts are unisex fit and unisex designs perfect for girls and guys! We've expanded our size offerings this year to cover small-3x. 

Buttttt the most important part of this trendy gameday collection is that almost every design is exclusive to Lush Fashion Lounge in collaboration with local vendors! You won't find most of these anywhere else! 

And of course we once again collaborated with Piko 1988 on exclusive gameday colors in all your favorite Piko styles! <-----btw if you haven't checked out Piko's new look yet you are seriously missing out. They've revamped and have so many great new cuts! 

If you've read my previous blogs sometimes I talk about walking into a photo shoot with no direction and just winging it. 

Welp... we did that with this one and it turned out GREAT! 

Our creative director, Matt Farthing, shot this one solo! I can give him literally no direction or vision and he manages to capture everything perfectly! He actually let us invade his home for this shoot! His backyard is huge and amazing and the perfect photo shoot spot! 


So sit back, relax, and enjoy this SNEAK PEEK of 2017 Lush University! 

Boomer Sooner Cute OU Apparel & Pistols Firing OSU Trendy Fashion







Ok back to the sneak peek in progress.........

OU Sooners OSU Cowboys Collegiate Apparel
OU Sooners Cute Outfits
Cute Oklahoma Tank Tops - OU Sooners, OSU Cowboys & UCO Bronchos
Trendy OU Top Cute OSU Top





Oklahoma Cute Gameday Apparel OU, OSU and UCO

Oh yes we did!!!!

Cute University Central Oklahoma T-Shirt

Ok I have to interrupt again. 

I am PUMPED that UCO was on board with this design! The ultimate throwback design for UCO

Trendy Oklahoma Collegiate Fashion

Speaking of UCO ...... Meet Addy ^  He plays football for the Bronchos! 

Unique Oklahoma Game Day Apparel

Relatable. ^

Fashionable Oklahoma Gameday Look
Trendy UCO T-Shirt
Officially licensed t-shirts and tank tops for OU, OSU, and UCO

Seriously the fashion pieces in this line are FIRE!!

Vintage OU and OSU T-Shirts

No. They aren't sisters..... ^

Cute Outfit Oklahoma Gameday
Retro OU OSU T-Shirts
Trendy Oklahoma Collegiate Shirt OU OSU


Trendy OU Sooners OSU Cowboys Tanks

I swear they aren't related...... ^ 

Cute OU Sooners OSU Cowboys Swing Dresses

I am super excited about these Piko swing dresses! It's been awhile since we've done any printed designs on dresses! 

These have POCKETS too!!

OU Sooners OSU Cowboys Tops Custom Designs
Vintage Oklahoma Sooners T-Shirt
Trendy Oklahoma Hats
Stylish Oklahoma Collegiate Outfits OU OSU UCO

My opinion might be a tad biased but this line is serious FIRE! I am so thrilled with how our custom designs turned out and I love the curated Oklahoma gameday looks with all the denim trends! Jean skirts, jean jackets, I love it all! 

These models and the photo shoot crew were serious TROOPERS. We shot on one of the hottest days of Summer. 



And of course don't forget we've got your kiddos covered! 

OU Sooners Trendy Kids T-Shirt
Cute Oklahoma Gameday Kids Outfit
OU Sooners OSU Cowboys Cute Girls Cheerleader Outfit

Thanks to these kiddos mamas for letting them hang with us for the morning! The one on the left is my niece, Mak! Her mom is our CPA! The middle one is Charli who belongs to our merchandiser, Sarah! That last little nugget is Karter who belongs to Jayme, our website manager! We really are a family here! 

*There will be more designs coming in for kids later this week so be sure to check back with us! 

This is just a small sneak peek of the HUGE collection we are dropping at 7pm CST TONIGHT on shop.lushfashionlounge.com. You can shop it in store tomorrow at 10am when we open! I can almost guarantee a few of these styles will sell out quick so shop early to snag these designs! 

Trendy Gameday Apparel Oklahoma Sooners

HUGE thank you to everyone who made this collection happen! HUGE HUGE thank you to our local vendors who allow us to collaborate with them on such great ideas and designs! I've said it 10,000 times in every blog but I am forever grateful for my relationships with them! 

This shoot was styled by our assistant manger/creativity manger Kristen Giroux, along with help from merchandiser Rylee Tubre and customer service representative Kaylee Yeager. They absolutely nailed the styling! 

Our general manager, Leslie Camp, not only allowed us to invade her house twice (she's engaged to Matt y'all! And I totally invaded all her old yearbooks and saved plenty of embarrassing pics to my phone while I was there)  she was also very active in the buying and design process along side with me! 

Huge thank you to Jordan Fine for assisting with shoot setup and clean up and braving the Summer heat! 

MAJOR shoutout to our creative director, Matt Farthing. These pictures captured the line perfectly and the Summer heat that day captured us matching bro tanks tan lines *insert duo dancer emoji here*

Trendy Oklahoma Collegiate Fashion OU OSU

And as always mega thanks to all the models! All the girls work in store or in our warehouse location! I love that customers can interact with them daily during their shopping experience and they truly know the products they're modeling! 

The handsome men in these photos are friends of staff members! You all have seen Alvin plenty of times before. We've basically adopted him into the Lush family at this point! This was Addy's first shoot with us and we enjoyed having him so much! 



Trendy Womens Oklahoma Collegiate Styles

Don't sleep on this collection! Get your game face on and get ready to shop! 



'Til next time.....