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July 17, 2016

Lush University

You guys. 

I have been so busy. So so so busy. If you're wondering why I haven't blogged in awhile that's why! I've been busy working on our largest collection of women's fashion apparel yet! 

Football season is just around the corner and I am so thrilled to show you what we've been working on! If you're looking for the largest selection of trendy gameda apparel in the state for University of Oklahoma clothing, Oklahoma State University apparel, and the University of Central Oklahoma gear you've got to mark your calendars for the launch of our collegiate line this Friday, July 22nd at 10am CST at Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma City and on

In May, we launched American Summer, a Patriotic apparel collection. We were inspired by a retro vibe for both the photo shoot and the collection! We absolutely fell in love with the way the images and the merchandise turned out and decided to carry that retro inspiration into our collegiate line! 

We've always offered trendy options for OU apparel and OSU clothing and in late Fall of last year we were thrilled to offer trendy options for UCO clothes! We are so excited to be able to offer options for the University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos in this year's launch! 

When I create our collegiate collection each year I keep in mind curating looks for not only the fan that will be attending the game in the stadium but also the fan that might want a less traditional option for watch parties or a night out to watch the game somewhere! Personally, if I am attending a game and have a full day of tailgating and hanging around Campus Corner in Norman (boomer!!) I want something that not only looks good and isn't just any ol t-shirt but an outfit that is comfortable and can have an accent piece tied at the waist or worn over a logo'd t-shirt or tank! I can tie a denim shirt at the waist for a trendy look all day, then throw that shirt on over my tank or t-shirt when it gets chilly at night! If I'm watching the game at a watch party or out and about on the town somewhere I tend to want to wear team colors but maybe a dressier option so my chiffon kimono or cardigans in team colors are always my go to paired with any of our trendy lace up lace up heels or ankle fashion booties

In this year's collection you can expect to find not only tons of officially licensed t-shirts and tanks for OU, OSU, and UCO for women, men, and kids but also great team colored pieces such as cardigans, kimonos, trendy Pikos, cute bralettes, denim shirts and plaids to help you pull together a trendy college gameday look that's sure to make you the talk of any tailgate! Annddd with our new website this year you'll be able to filter to see options specific to your team only! We've created tabs for each individual school that will show you the t-shirt and tank options only. We've also created a new tab titled "curated looks" that will show the trendy fashion pieces we styled with the t-shirts. Shopping made easy! 

I am so excited to bring you this exclusive sneak peek of our 2016 collegiate collection, Lush University!  

We worked with David on our American Summer collection and were absolutely blown away at what he captured! He's officially been kidnapped into the Lush squad for life! 

Beau Brand, of Brand Imaging, never fails to capture any vision I have in my head beautifully and perfectly no matter how terrible I am at communicating what I see in my mind! Not only is he one of the best photographers in the state but he's an absolute blast to be around! We shot this collection on a very hot Summer day and Beau rolled up in his swim trunks and snuck off for a few hilarious cannonballs in the pool here and there in between scenes! Anyways here are a few of my favorites from Beau! 

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | UCO gameday apparel, OU gameday apparel, OSU gameday apparel. Model wearing UCO tank top

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | UCO tailgate apparel, OU tailgate apparel, OSU tailgate apparel. Model wearing Pistols Firing football shirt

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | UCO gameday clothes, OU gameday clothes, OSU gameday clothes. Model wearing Oklahoma Because Championships tank

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | UCO gameday clothing, OU gameday clothing, OSU gameday clothing. Model on man's shoulder with football

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | UCO football apparel, OU football apparel, OSU football apparel. Models huddled in football shirts

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | UCO tailgate gear, OU tailgate gear, OSU tailgate gear. Models tailgating in Oklahoma Crew tops



Matt Farthing.... I really don't know what title to give him these days! Technically you could call him our "website manager" because that's what his business card says, but he's more like "utility player". BRB gonna go order him new business cards.........

But seriously. Matt started out as our website manager and picked up a camera and a photography hobby that turned into something AMAZING! His natural talent and creative vision is what makes Lush what it is! Here are some of my favorite shots from Matt! 

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | Oklahoma college apparel, Oklahoma college gear, Oklahoma gameday shirts. Models wearing Boomer Sooner and State shirts

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | Oklahoma gameday clothes, Oklahoma college shirts, Oklahoma gameday apparel. Model holding out football

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | UCO gameday shirts, UCO football shirts, University of Central Oklahoma apparel. Models wearing Central Squad football shirts

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | OSU gameday shirts, OSU football shirts, Boomer Sooner gear. Male models wearing OSU and Boomer Sooner shirts

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | OSU fan gear, UCO fan gear, OU fan gear. Model holding out pom pom



 The band got back together for this shoot!

Lush Fashion Lounge Blog: Lush University | Oklahoma fan gear, Oklahoma football apparel, Oklahoma fan apparel. Group of people posing together

 The usual suspects all came together to make this shoot another successful one!


Kristen Giroux styled the shoot and kept the shots creative as usual bringing great ideas to the table!

Rylee Tubre, Leslie Camp, and Jordan Fine all came along for the ride and helped with sets, props, and models! We couldn't have done it without their help! 

JD Terry couldn't make it to this shoot but he so graciously loaned us a sweet retro Blazer (I seriously considered buying it!) that Dylan Davis transported to the shoot for us! I am so thankful for these two guys taking time out of their day and providing us with amazing cars! We've officially kidnapped them into the Lush creative squad too!

For every shoot we do and have done for the past 2 years our friends at Lifesquire do tons of behind the scenes work months in advance to help bring our vision to life! Everything from coordinating props, locations, and hand making creative pieces to add perfect finishing touches to each scene! I am forever grateful for Courtney and the rest of the Lifesquire crew! 

This shoot was shot at my parents house in Piedmont, America! Just like high school they let me and my crew totally invade their space and eat all their food for a day! We appreciate that! 


As with any collection we put out a TON of work goes into it months in advance! I really do have the hardest working staff on the planet! Every single Lush staff member has a job to do heading into the week of collection launch and they never cease to amaze me at how hard they work to help me bring this together each time! 


This is just a tiny sneak peek of the many options we will have in our Lush University collection! This year we did tons of unisex options that are great for guys and gals! As usual we will have plenty of options for babies and kids too! 

This collection has many styles that were custom designed exclusively for Lush Fashion Lounge in collaboration with not only local vendors but nationwide vendors! Many of the officially licensed t-shirts and tanks designs are exclusive to Lush Fashion Lounge in collaboration with local brands. Many of the curated looks you will see that include kimonos, cardigans, bralettes,and plaids were custom created for us in team specific colors by national vendors! I've said it once and I can't say it enough I am forever grateful for these partnerships and for the opportunity to create and collaborate with them! 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek and cannot WAIT to start sneak peeking everyday this week! Set your calendars for the launch of our Lush University Collection this Friday July 22nd at 10am CST. 


Til next time,