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Lucky by Lush 2019

February 24, 2019

Lucky by Lush 2019

Can't touch this. 

(get it... cuz if you're wearing green you can't get pinched on St Pat..... nevermind...)


Anyways....It's that time again y'all. It's time to get greened up to avoid the pinch! Lucky by Lush is comin' at ya tonight!

This is one of my favorite collections always to create... and it's always extremely successful one thing is for sure you all like to shop for green in March!

Before I opened Lush I was a bartender back in college. I always worked on St Patrick's Day and always struggled to find something to wear! I wanted to just be able to walk in to a store and walk right up to a green section that had options whether I wanted to wear a wordy graphic t-shirt or needed just a pinch (pun intended) of green in a bralette or cardigan! I decided to create just that with our Lucky by Lush collection!

This collection has you covered with green options whether you want just a simple easy to wear Piko shirt or a trendy Z Supply skirt! As always we are loaded with plenty of trendy graphic unisex t-shirts for men and women! 

My fave thing about the graphic t-shirts in this collection is not only are majority of these designs exclusive to us in collaboration with our local vendors BUT most of these are unisex designs on unisex shirts! This collection is always busy with men shopping it too! So be sure to grab a his and hers option! 



Here's the proof y'all! They work for guys and girls! 



Without further bad jokes and puns.... I bring you all a sneak peek of tonight's collection launch! Lucky by Lush launches tonight (2/24) at 7pm CST. Live local? Swing by to check it out first thing Monday morning (2/25) when we open at 10am!


All photos were shot by our creative director Matt Farthing. 

This shoot was styled by myself, our general manager, Leslie Farthing, and assistant manager, Rylee Tubre. 

Wait... chug champ?? Where was this shirt when I was in college?!


I had so much fun at this shoot! We shot on a Tuesday afternoon and just winged it as always! We all hung out, laughed alot, and walked around downtown/midtown. We found ourselves at one point enjoying the most delicious ice cream ever at Capitals . Seriously if you all haven't checked this place out you've gotta go!! The place alone even without to die for ice cream is enough to make you want to go! It's so cute and trendy and makes for perfect photo opps! 

Here's a sneak peek of a new local design that goes live later this week too that we shot inside of Capitals! 



Shoutout to our creative director, Matt Farthing, for once again capturing this collection perfectly! 

As always big thanks to all staff who worked hard on this collection and big thanks to the models! As always you can catch these girls working daily with us in store or in our warehouse! They're truly the Lush family!

The male model, Alvin, is stuck with us forever! He may not work here but he's just as much a part of our Lush family! He has modeled for us for a few years and is easily a recognizable face now!

Another sneak peek of a local Oklahoma design that launches later this week! TONS of new local Oklahoma designs will go live this week!!

And... the handsome man you see on our website photos is Addy who's also part of our Lush family and has modeled for us for a couple of years! Fun fact.... that's his girlfriend and one of our assistant managers, Cassie, in the pics with him! How cute are they?!


I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek of tonight's collection launch! Be sure to set a reminder to shop the launch at 7pm CST tonight!!


ALSO- something major is happening y'all!!! Stay tuned for the 10 year anniversary sale happening in March!! I cannot believe it's been 10 years!!! We've got the BEST customers on the planet and we can't wait to celebrate with you all!!


Til next time







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