Trendy St. Patrick's Day Lucky T-Shirt
February 25, 2018

Lucky By Lush 2018

Kiss Me I'm Okie......

Cute Oklahoma Themed St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt

Lucky by Lush is one of my favorite collections year after year! It was one of our very first ever collections years ago and might've been our first exclusive collaborations with our local vendors! 

Before I opened Lush I was a bartender during college. I remember always struggling to find specific green items I was looking for to wear for St Patrick's Day. I kept thinking it would be so dope if I could just go to a one stop shop to find either small touches of green with accessories, a t-shirt, or a trendy outfit. So I created just that with our Lucky by Lush collection!

Whether you're looking to add just a touch of green with a cardigan layering piece, a solid easy to wear Piko t-shirt in shades of green, a trendy overlap skirt in green, or a funny or Oklahoma inspired graphic t-shirt this collection has you covered! 

The best thing about this collection is not only are majority of these designs exclusive to us in collaboration with our local vendors BUT most of these are unisex designs on unisex shirts! This collection is always busy with men shopping it too! So be sure to grab a his and hers option


Oklahoma Lucky St. Patrick's Graphic Tee


See?! Same shirt!! Sizes small-XXXLarge available. Mind. Blown.

We of course have options for the kiddos too! This collection has options for the whole family! 


Kids Lucky Shamrock Onesie


I am so excited to bring you this exclusive sneak peek of Lucky by Lush 2018! It launches TONIGHT at 7pm CST on (2/25) and will be available tomorrow at 10am CST in store (2/26). 


Lucky St. Patty's Day Printed Tee



Cute Saint Pat's Lucky Tshirt


Funny St. Patty's Day Printed Tees


Cute St. Pats Day Graphic Tee



Green Oklahoma St. Patrick's Day T-shirt



Lucky Green St. Patty's Day Teeshirts



Oklahoma Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Graphic T's



Oklahoma Buffalo St. Patty's Day Graphic Tshirt


Funny Matching St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts
Vintage St. Patrick's Day Drinking Shirt


Oklahoma Themed Saint Patrick's Day Tshirts


Oklahoma Lucky Green Shamrock T-shirt
Trendy Oklahoma St. Patty's Day Graphic T's
Matching Oklahoma St. Pats Day Tees

Big shoutout to our Creative Director, Matt Farthing, for always snapping the best shots of our collections! I can turn him loose everytime and let him do his thing and it turns out excellent everytime! If you don't follow us on SnapChat (we are LushFashionOKC) or watch our Instagram stories you totally should! You can catch behind the scenes glimpses of not only what our creative team is working on but all the weirdness/awesomeness that is Matt. <----lol

Big thanks to our General Manager, Leslie Farthing, for styling this shoot! She's weird/awesome too which is why her and Matt are high school sweethearts! 

As always big thanks to all staff who worked hard on this collection and big thanks to the models! As always you can catch these girls working daily with us in store or in our warehouse! They're truly the Lush family! The male model, Alvin, is stuck with us forever! He may not work here but he's just as much a part of our Lush family! He has modeled for us for quite some time now and is a friend of a few of our girls!


I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of Lucky by Lush 2018! Text your Brew Crew and let em know it drops TONIGHT at 7pm CST on!! 

 No seriously..........text your brew crew! 


If you live local be sure to swing by soon! We're transforming our store into an all new look! It's a work in progress but ya'll are gonna love it! 

And stay tuned for info on our 9 year anniversary coming up soon in March! I can't believe it's been 9 years. We have all of you all to thank for that! We really do have the BEST customers on the planet! 


Til next time