Fun St. Patrick's Day Graphic T-Shirt
February 26, 2017

Lucky by Lush 2017

Almost Irish......

Lucky by Lush is one of my favorite collections of the year! In fact, it may have been the very first collection we ever did a long time ago! 

Before I opened Lush I was a bartender for a little bit. Each year I remember struggling to find green options to wear for work on St Patrick's Day. I was always running around to different places trying to piece something together. I created Lucky by Lush  for the convenience of finding many green options all in one place! 

Whether you're wanting a seasonal St. Patrick's Day green graphic t-shirt or a solid green option you can wear all year long Lucky by Lush has you covered! We've got all your favorite Piko tops and Piko tunics in kelly green. We've also got trendy new arrivals in shades of green and olive such as cardigans, bodysuits, dresses, and tops.

Of course, don't forget our large selection of trendy, exclusive graphic t-shirts! Whether you're looking for an Oklahoma inspired design in exclusive limited edition designs for St Patrick's Day or a general trendy St Patrick's Day graphic t-shirt we've definitely got you covered there! I am thrilled to mention we now carry up to size XXXLarge in our graphic t-shirts

I feel like I say this in every blog I write but y'all.... we've been BUSY! My next blog should be an updated version of my previous "growing pains" blog. We've been busy knocking down a wall and expanding our HQ location..... in preparation to expand the size of our retail store! We are almost ready to start knockin' down some walls in our retail store to give you all more shopping room! 

In the midst of all this we decided to low key photo shoot this collection and it turned out great! Low stress is what I need y'all and this shoot was just that! 

I am so excited to bring you this exclusive sneak peek of Lucky by Lush which launches TOMORROW Feb 27th at 10am CST both in store and on! 


All photos shot by our creative director, Matt Farthing, with legit zero direction by me this time. My job was to taste the green beer and make sure it tasted right.... you know... for the photos.... and keep my eye on the super rad green bike I brought along. 

But seriously Matt did this project solo and it turned out awesome! 


St. Patrick's Day Trendy T-Shirt


Trendy Official Beer Taster T-Shirt
Cute St. Patty's Day Tshirts
Trendy St. Pat's Camo Oklahoma T-shirt
Cute Oklahoma St. Patrick's Day Look
Funny St. Patty's Day Tee-Shirts
Unique Saint Patrick's Day Graphic Tees
St. Pat's Oklahoma Printed Tee
St. Patrick's Day Kiss Me Graphic Tee
St. Pat's Day Lucky Beer Koozie
Stylish St. Patrick's Day Outfits
Fashionable St. Patty's Day Look
Unique St. Patrick's Day Romper
Matching Saint Patrick's Day Outfits

Seriously so many easy to wear green options that are sure to keep you "pinch proof" this St. Patrick's Day no matter what your plans are and what the crazy Oklahoma weather is like we've got all angles covered here! 


On the t-shirt side of the collection I think the most important thing to mention is that almost all designs are unisex printed on unisex t-shirts! 

Fun Oklahoma St. Pat's Day Printed T's


Same shirt.

Mind blown.

Perfect for guys and gals! Available in sizes small-XXXLarge so bring your man shopping too because we can't have him gettin' pinched either! 


Side note- Not just the Lucky by Lush t-shirts are unisex. Almost all of our t-shirts are unisex! 

Fun Unisex Oklahoma Graphic Tees


Your husbands will support your Lush shopping bill if you bring him home something! Even better if you wear the same size you can share! 

Real Talk. My fiancee and I wear the same size in t-shirts. We swap Lush t-shirts and I think it's awesomely hilarious. Last football season getting dressed for an OU game consisted of us passing t-shirt options back and forth to each other before heading out for the watch party lol!!


Anddddd as always we've got your kiddos covered in this collection too! 

Cute Kids St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts
Funny St. Pat's Day Children's Tee-Shirts
Unique Kids Saint Patrick's Day Graphic Tees

These little cuties are growing up literally right in front of the Lush audience! They all belong to Lush staff members.....*shameless proud Aunt plug*** That blonde with the long hair and green bow is my niece, Mak! 

Anyways be sure to shop Lucky by Lush for adorable t-shirts and onesies for kids too!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Be sure to check out the entire collection tomorrow at 10am CST in store and on! 

Big thanks to Matt Farthing for shooting this, all the models for being so great, Kristen Giroux for styling this shoot, our local vendors for allowing us to collaborate with them on exclusive designs, the mamas for allowing their kiddos to come hang, and my staff for working so hard on getting this ready in the midst of expanding our business! 


Til next time