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August 27, 2017

Live music is life.

I've never been so excited to write about some new items we've got than I have been about new MUSIC inspired t-shirt lines we've got! 

In a bit after you read all my music blurbs you'll get an exclusive sneak peek of a new band t-shirt line that launches TOMORROW (Monday August 28th).

But first.....

Anybody who knows me knows music is my thing. I truly believe everything is better with music. No matter what you're doing, if music is playing it's a good day even if the task you're doing totally sucks. If you're doing something that sucks, but you're doing it to your favorite playlist or getting surprised attacked by banger after banger on Pandora, it no longer sucks. 

Music is always BLARING in my office. I upgraded my computer's sound system (did you know Bose makes computer speakers?) and it's truly life changing. My musical taste is broad. All types of genre, different decades.... all stay in constant rotation. If I had to pick a genre and decade.... IF i HAD to pick..... I'd pick 90's and alternative. (I'm still re-watching Dawson's Creek in case anybody cares....)

My obsession with music goes back to when I was a kid. Does anybody remember pocket rockers? (I just aged myself)

The little tiny pocket size tape players? The cassette tapes were so small and cute! I definitely had one in daycare. I might've been 4 or 5 years old. 

Love Music Fashion

I for sure had the Whitney one and I had Belinda Carlisle. 

As a kid I listened to all types of genres and decades. My mom was hip on the 70s 80s and along with whatever the new hits were (90s and 2000s), while my dad always had country or typically 60s or 70s on in his car. I was one of those kids that heard a song once and immediately picked up on who the artist was and paid attention to that kind of stuff. 

I always listened to music going to sleep growing up too! While most girls my age at the time probably had slow jams by NSYNC or something as their lullabies...... I'm embarrassed to admit I went through a Metallica phase, and might've put myself to sleep to "Enter Sandman" a few times. To be fair, I was young and all I cared about was playing sports.

My sister is 4 years older than I am and she always got the newest cassette tapes or CDs (depending upon the year) first. A trip to CD Warehouse (I just aged myself again) was like the best day ever. They were always offering crazy deals like buy 2 CDs get 2 free so my mom would let us get a couple each and we would end up passing them back and forth. Once my sister hit middle school/ high school she was passing down the really really good stuff to me. Some of which I probably shouldn't have had! (sorry Mom!). I'm talking Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The OffSpring, Janet... the list could go on and on! 

Listen y'all. It should be pointed out to those of you who are much younger how HARD people my age had to work to get a good playlist going. Y'all have had Ipods, Iphones, Pandora, Spotify, and whatever else exists today. Back in my day *insert granny emoji here* listening to a mix of songs that wasn't one artist of all their songs on a cassette tape or CD took some work! In the cassette tape days, I would record my fave songs onto a blank cassette from the radio and push stop at the end. I would listen to the radio all day waiting for certain songs to come on....flipping stations until I heard one I wanted to hear.... then I would press record again. Repeat process all day on a Saturday until I had crafted to perfect mix cassette tape. 

Then repeat process every Saturday. Because if you love music as much as I always have you'll do anything for the perfect "playlist".


Insert the arrivals of CDs and free downloads. I had really crappy internet service in Piedmont, America so I was always bumming internet off my friends that lived in the "city" to "burn" mix CDs. (Thank you Shannon Loughmiller and the entire Loughmiller family for letting me occupy your computer and internet for the entirety of my high school career). You'll never know what true impatience is until you've watched the downloading progress of a popular song for what feels like an hour waiting for it to complete. 


Anyways as you can tell I could write about music all day. What's better than music?


I am ALWAYS on the prowl for concerts. Any decade. Any genre. Anything! I'm always down to travel to see a band I've always wanted to see live too! I won't bore you with the extensive list of bands I've seen live (many I've seen numerous times live). 

Point to all of this babbling is I've got some things to show you that related to my love for music! 

We created, in collaboration with one of our local vendors, some great new additions to our Say What?! line of exclusive graphic t-shirts. Check out our new music inspired t-shirt designs

Trendy Live Music Graphic Tee

RT. ^

Trendy Graphic Tees Music Inspired
Trendy Concert T-Shirts

Ok listen.

The most ridiculous fan girl moment I've had was definitely at the One Direction concert as a grown woman almost 30 years old. There's a video that won't be shared.... but like Niall is life. 

Shop any of these trendy concert inspired, exclusive t-shirt designs here. 

The real reason for this blog is to show you all an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK of a trendy line of band t-shirts and tanks that is new to Lush! We are SO pumped to bring you all 

*drum roll please* <------ see what I did there. 


Trendy David Bowie T-Shirt
Trendy Red Hot Chili Peppers T-Shirt
Trendy Rolling Stones T-Shirt
Fashionable Red Hot Chili Peppers T-Shirt
Trendy Concert T-Shirts

We are so pumped to carry this trendy band inspired t-shirt line out of Los Angeles for you all! 

The first round launches TOMORROW (Monday August 28th) at 5pm CST! 

We will of course be receiving many more styles monthly from DayDreamer.


I hope you're excited about these new items and this line new to us! 


For reading my blurbs.... use code SHANIA15 for 15% off your online purchase on (limit one use per customer).

Why Shania? Because my first concert was Shania Twain. That's why. 


Any man of mine...............

Til next time