Women's Vacation T-Shirts and Road Trip Graphic Tees
March 04, 2018

Leisure by Lush 2018

Travel Often. 


Truer words have never been spoken. Or put on a t-shirt. *shameless plug*.

I believe there should be no regrets in life, just lessons learned. However if I did believe in regrets not taking the chance to travel more would be one! 

Listen.....If Adult Spring Break was a thing I'd participate every. single. year. You know what... let's make it a thing. Any takers? HMU. 

Our Leisure by Lush apparel collection has everything you need whether you're headed somewhere beachy for Spring Break, enjoying a staycation by the pool, or headed out on a good ol fashioned Road Trip! 

This collection is loaded with trendy graphic t-shirts and tanks all of which are exclusive to us! We've also got oversized pool floats, cute little beverage boats, koozies, and trendy beach towels! 

Of course don't forget the Quay sunglasses

Without further hesitation..... here's some sneak peeks of our newest Leisure by Lush collection! This collection launches TONIGHT (March 4th) at 7pm CST on shop.lushfashionlounge.com and first thing at 10am in store on Monday (March 5th). 

All photos were shot by our creative director, Matt Farthing. As always he captured the line perfectly! The shoot was styled by member of the creative team, Kaylee Yeager. (Also shown modeling below!) 

 Women's Travel Graphic T-Shirt

Womens Vacation Tshirt and Leisure Tees

Women's Leisure T-Shirts & Beach Accessories

Girls Road Trip T-Shirts & Drink Accessories

Women's Vacation Tank Tops

Women's Travel Tank Top Trendy Print

Hold up- this new v-neck flowy tank will be your FAVE! 

Beachwear and Vacation Accessories

Trendy Swimsuit Cover-Ups

I predict these swim cover-ups sell out super fast! Only $25!

Beachwear and Leisure Accessories

Beach Hat and Swimsuit Cover-Up

Trendy Sun Hats and Leisurewear

OBSESSED with the white sun hat

Women's Trendy Road Trip T-Shirt

Ok. Honestly I made this road trip t-shirt design with myself in mind.............

Trendy Road Trip Womens T-Shirts

Cute Road Trip Graphic T-Shirt for Women


Most of the collection was shot on location that was scouted and coordinated by our friends from Lifesquire! Huge thank you to them for coordinating this for us at such a perfect location and thank you to the client who allowed us to shoot on location! 

Those last photos you saw were shot at The Old Store in Piedmont. Y'all. If you haven't been here you HAVE to go. I grew up in Piedmont and it's owned by family friends! You all will be absolutely blown away at all the cool stuff they've got in there! Typing words won't do it justice. Do yourselves a favor and seriously go check it out! 

In addition to all the unique finds they've got stocked by various local businesses in booths, the atmosphere is just so unique and rich in Piedmont history! We shot TONS of other new Oklahoma t-shirts designs there that will go live in a week or two and I plan to write another blog on this place and show you guys much more from The Old Store in Piedmont! Their Facebook page is linked here so you all can go give them a follow and see what I'm talking about! 



I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek! 


We've got TONS and I mean TONSSSS of new arrivals planned this week for you all in preparation for our Nine and Feelin Fine Anniversary event! 

Trendy Staycation Tees & Vacation T-Shirts

I cannot believe it's been 9 years since I opened Lush! Time flies and I'm so thankful for all our amazing customers! You guys really are the best! 

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Til next time