Fashionable Christmas Gift Ideas
November 25, 2017

Gift Ideas


I cannot believe the Holidays are here! I've been going full speed ahead with numerous collection launches that it's like we woke up after the Moments to Midnight launch (which BTW is straight fire. If you haven't checked it out do it! TONS of Holiday party and New Year's Eve outfits!) and realized Black Friday was upon us! 

If you're anything like me- you struggle with what to give people for gifts! Wandering through stores, staring at walls, texting people for suggestions.....

Don't give up and give a package of socks this year. Put down that remote and turn it off of QVC. Don't order that as seen on TV item... (Shamwow anyone?).

I've decided to round up a list of our top gift picks from Lush Fashion Lounge! 


1) Anything by CC. 

Trust me. You can't go wrong with a beanie, scarf, gloves, or a combo of each by CC! Great prices and everyone loves them! Did I mention we are one of the largest suppliers of CC products in the entire region? Not to mention very competitive prices! Hurry! This stuff is literally flying off of the shelves and many of these items are hard to find close to Christmas! 

Our CC products range in price from $12-$19! You can buy matching sets of beanies, gloves, and a scarf or mix and match them too! 

Click here to shop our CC collection. 

2) Pop Sockets


PopSocket Trendy Phone Grips
PopSocket Cute Phone Grips



PopSocket Trendy Phone Mounts


Pop Sockets are the perfect stocking stuffer! Seriously y'all we had been carrying these for months and selling out super fast before I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about! Now I can't imagine not having my Pop Socket on my phone! I've turned so many people on to these too! 

These nifty little things help you hold your phone more comfortably, and you can even prop it up on it's side for video watching! Most are $10, and these are sure to be a hit in any stocking! 

If you've read my previous blogs you'll know I re-watched the entire Dawson's Creek series (all 100 something episodes) on my phone. I'd watch it when I traveled on airplanes for work mostly. My Pop Socket maximized by Dawson's Creek viewing experience and that my friends is well worth $10. (lol). 

We even carry the mounts for these that you can mount to your car and pop your pop socket/ phone into it! 

Shop our selection of Pop Sockets

3) Our washed hats for Okies


Okie Washed Hats



Oklahoma Washed Hats



Oklahoma themed caps



Trendy Oklahoma Caps


Our selection of trendy washed hats for Okies is sure to not disappoint! These are proven best sellers and sure to be a hit! So many options to choose from! 


Shop our selection of Oklahoma hats

4) Coffee mugs and cups


Oklahoma Coffee Mugs



Trendy Oklahoma Coffee Mugs



Cute Dog Coffee Mug


Can we all pause (or should I say paws) *<----- lol I never said my jokes were funny* and take a look at how cute my dog Rosie is.....

If you've got a coffee lover in your life our coffee mugs are the perfect gift! 



Trendy Disco Coffee Mug


This festive disco cup by Packed Party is the perfect Holiday gift! $22

Shop all Oklahoma mugs and cups

5) Blanket or square scarves 


Trendy Blanket Scarves



Trendy Square Scarves



Stylish Blanket Scarves



Stylish Square Scarves



Fashionable Blanket Scarves
Fashionable Square Scarves


For the past few years blanket scarves have been all the rage! This year we've stocked lighter weight, less bulky options that every girl on your list will LOVE! 


Shop all trendy blanket scarves.


You can of course shop all these items in our store as well! 


Til next time y'all