Funny Christmas T-Shirts
October 30, 2016

Flannels & Firesides sneak peek

Happy Hallo...... wait....

I just finished setting out Halloween candy for my fiancee to give to tomorrow's trick or treaters (he's like my child, I have to give him notes on everything lol)  and as I sit here writing this blog I'm watching the Halloween movie marathon on TV..... but I'm here tonight to show you all a sneak peek of our Christmas t-shirt collection!! 

I love everything about Christmas y'all. The smells....The music...The decorations....The movies....The memories... I'm one of those people that tries my hardest not to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas but when November 1st hits I fight the urge to put my tree up every time!! Let's face it, retail always works ahead. So my mind is always ahead when it comes to seasons....

We've been hard at work on another collection! Last year was our first year to bring you all an exclusive Holiday t-shirt collection, Falalala Lush. That will forever be my favorite collection name and don't be surprised when you see it surface again over the years! It was a huge hit so we are excited to bring new options for this season! 

When creating this year's Holiday collection I had not only Christmas morning outfits in mind, but envisioned looks for family Christmas pictures and just everyday wear during the Winter season leading up to the Holidays! Many of the designs you see in this collection were created over a brainstorm session with many creative Lush team members! HUGE thank you to our local vendors who made this collection possible for us! You know who you are and I am forever grateful for each of you all allowing me to collaborate on such cool stuff all the time! 

I am so excited to bring you all this sneak peek of Flannels & Firesides! The collection will launch Tuesday, November 1st at 10am CST in store and on!


Beau Brand, of Brand Imaging, once again helped capture the collection perfectly with a mix of indoor/outdoor shots! Always a blast shooting with him and really he has no idea what crazy things we are gonna put him up to next and he's always up for anything! Photo shoots are more fun with him around! 

Here's a few of my favorite shots by Beau....


Funny Christmas T-Shirt
Christmas Women's Graphic T-Shirts
Holiday Graphic T-Shirts
Humorous Christmas T-Shirts


*nice and naughty printed flannels will be available for pre-order at launch online and will be available in store a few days after launch*


Matt Farthing, our creative director, helped tag team this shoot as well! Here's a few of my fave shots by Matt! I am so lucky to have him on staff at Lush and as a good friend in life! Not only does he shoot the collection, he's very active in the entire creative process from start to finish from getting props ideas, to shoot location, to physically helping get props from point A to point B, setting them up in advance, shot ideas, the graphic design and logos on social media squares..... literally active every step of the way in each collection right alongside of me.


Trendy Graphic T-Shirts for Christmas
Trendy Oklahoma Christmas Sweater
Trendy Christmas Graphic T-Shirt for Ladies
Oklahoma Holiday T-Shirt
Trendy Christmas Gear
Christmas Fashion Shirt
Unique Holiday Graphic T-Shirts

So much work went into this collection, especially in props and set! A HUGE thank you to Matt Farthing and one of our online store employees, Jordan Fine, for putting in major work getting everything we needed set up! The set looked so good we left it set up at my parent's house (location of the shoot) so that we could go back and enjoy a good festive camp fire sometime soon! 

Also special thanks to Lifesquire for scouting out the perfect props for us! 

Much thanks to everyone who worked creatively towards this collection.... our store manager Leslie Camp, one of our assistant managers Myranda Stout, Rylee Tubre, Kaylee Yeager all always come up with great creative ideas that help spark designs and photography ideas in our creative team meetings! 

Kristen Giroux, our creativity manager, styled this shoot and curated the perfect looks! 

My dear friend Seth Lewis came along for this shoot as usual and always adds the perfect touch to each shoot! Forever thankful for his vision! 

Thank you to my parents Phil and Cindy Boevers for once again letting us invade their house, eating all their food, drinking all their wine, and doing pretty much whatever we wanted to their backyard.... again... 

And of course a huge THANK YOU to the models! 

Trendy Fashion for the Holidays

I've said it before and I cannot say it enough... We really do have a great group! Every face you see here works regularly at Lush! I love that customers can build relationships with the same faces they see come through their social media news feeds daily. These are some of the sweetest, funniest, most responsible young women in town! They always adapt to changes well at every chaotic shoot and are down for anything no matter how ridiculous and crazy my ideas are! We had to re-schedule this shoot at the last minute because we were battling the Oklahoma wind while trying to build a fire and the girls easily made it work! 


We will also have Christmas kid's t-shirts and onesies in this collection! Matt shot the kid's shoot solo! Here's a few peeks of the kids collection.....

Cute Christmas T-Shirts for Kids
Trendy Oklahoma Holiday T-Shirt for Kids
Cute Holiday T-Shirts for Kids

Cute Winter Graphic T-Shirt for Kids

If you follow us on snap chat you saw the big surprise we had for the kids at this shoot! Santa made a guest appearance and while the littlest one, Karter, ran away (lol!!) the others were sure to ask Santa for items including dinosaurs and candy canes! All of the kiddos here you see belong to Lush staff members! We really are one big family here! Special thanks to their moms for bringing them out to the shoot! 

I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek! I cannot wait for you all to see the entire collection! Flannels & Firesides launches Tuesday, November 1st at 10am CST in store and online.

But first.... we trick or treat! 


Til next time,