Trendy and Fun Dad T-Shirts
June 03, 2018

Dad Jokes

Nice one, dad! 

You've heard them. You know.... the really bad jokes. So bad that they're really funny. You've heard your dad tell them for years more than likely! 

Envision an endless supply of empty Laffy Taffy wrappers full of cheesy jokes. Imagine Danny Tanner from Full House in your living room every. single. day.


In honor of our newest dad t-shirts that just went live (SURPRISE! click here to shop the new collection of dad graphic tees) we rounded up some of the worst of the worst dad jokes around, grabbed a case of beer, and headed McNeese Stills + Motion to have a dad joke tell-off. 

The point is to try not to laugh at the other team's joke. Clearly we failed.... and had a ton of fun doing it! 



It's important to identify the bad joke tellers.... 

The male in the hat is Matt, our creative director. The other male is Brice who works in our warehouse in online order fulfillment. The blonde sitting in the back (wearing beer bod) is Leslie, our general manager of operations (who's married to Matt y'all!). Tausha, wearing the dad jokes tee, is the inventory manager of our warehouse in the online department. I am the idiot wearing the other Beer Bod tee who didn't know pterodactyl started with a P, and then aged myself by saying Jurassic Park instead of Jurassic World........... (you win some, you lose some). 


Cheers to all the dads out there livin their best dad life no matter how bad their jokes are. 


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Kind of the well done burger...........

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Its tough out there in the Dad Life streets............

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Because Dog Dads need love too this Father's Day! 

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Go 'head. Treat yo self to Lush and grab something for dad too! 



Shoutout to my dad, Phil, who is absolutely one of the worst joke tellers in the world.....

Cool Dad and his Unique Style

That hair tho....


Til next time