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Crush by Lush Part 2 2019

January 27, 2019

Crush by Lush Part 2 2019

Be Mine.....

No seriously. I'm saying "be mine" to every item in this new collection! I'm in love with part 2 of our Valentine's Collection, Crush by Lush. (all the puns!)

If you haven't checked out Part 1 of Crush by Lush click here! Trendy graphic tees inspired by all things Valentine's Day are already available! 

If you're on the hunt for the perfect date outfit Part 2 of Crush by Lush launches TONIGHT at 7pm CST! Whether its a date night out, day date for coffee, or Galentine's girls night out this collection is packed of carefully curated flirty and sultry looks! 

If you live local these looks will be available in store tomorrow morning at open! (Jan 28th). 

This should come as no surprise to y'all that our creative director, Matt Farthing, shot this entire collection solo with once again little to no direction at all from me. He's the BEST y'all. 

This shoot was styled by myself, our general manager, Leslie Farthing, and assistant managers Rylee Tubre and Cassie Windham. 


We spent the day in the Paseo! It was a bit cold but I really really enjoyed this shoot! If you haven't been in that area in awhile you are missing out on SO many great spots for brunch, lunch, dinner, shopping and much more! It was fun to walk around and take the area all in! 

While taking some pictures outside in the area I decided we needed donuts for one of our promo shots.... 

I headed down to Holey Rollers after one of the girls suggested I grab some there. 

I walked in and was immediately OBSESSED with this place. I saw the words "gluten free" next to donuts and immediately started swooning not to mention the place was so cute and trendy. I was greeted with friendly service which I always appreciate. I chatted with the girl for a minute and asked if it would be ok for us to swing back in with full crew and grab some shots inside. She was SO sweet and they were all so welcoming of us! We came in and not only grabbed some shots of the collection but also stay warmed while munching on donuts, tacos (yes tacos!), and sipped lattes and coffees! I highly recommend this locally owned spot! They also have a truck that you can catch around town too! 

Click here to visit their website


Without further hesitation I am pumped to bring you this sneak peek of Part 2 of Crush by Lush! 




Yes lawd this wall is decor GOALS! This is at Oso. OBSESSED isn't even the right word for how I feel about this place. The trendiest place! Gorgeous patio (heated patio too!!) and DELICIOUS tacos and brunch! Special thanks to my dear friend Stephen Kindt for letting us come by! 

Click here to visit Oso's website. 



Big thanks to these models for braving the chilly temps! I say this in every blog but I cannot say enough good things about these girls! Every face you see works in our store or warehouse. They really are a part of the Lush family and are a great group of young women! 



I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Don't forget to check back at 7pm CST tonight (Sunday January 27th) for the launch of Part 2 of Crush by Lush! 

Live local? Swing by Monday morning to see it in person! 


Til next time!






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