Trendy Valentine's Day Outfits
January 13, 2019

Crush by Lush 2019

Hug Life. 

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and that means it's time for our Crush by Lush collection! 

Part 1 is our trendy, Valentine's inspired graphic t-shirts all exclusive to us by local brands. You can also catch new pjs by Z Supply with this round too! It’s all launching tonight at 7pm CST on Live local? Catch these new designs in store Monday (Jan 14th) at 10am. 

Whether you're single and awkward, in love with wine, spending Galentine's Day with your best friend, or just good ol fashion in love we've got a t-shirt for you to rock this February! 

If you're searching for a date night outfit option for Valentine's Day set a reminder to check back for part 2 of Crush by Lush! Part 2 will be LOADED with tons of trendy date night looks for Valentine's Day or any night out! You won't wanna miss it! Part 2 will launch Sunday January 27th at 7pm CST on and in store Monday January 28th at open. 

Our creative director, Matt Farthing, shot these with help from creative assistant (and receiving assistant manager) Kaylee Yeager on flat lays!


Trendy Valentine's Day Graphic T-Shirts



Cute Valentine's Day Graphic T-Shirts



Unique Valentine's Day Graphic T-Shirts



Funny Valentine's Day Graphic T-Shirts



Funny Valentine's Graphic Tees


But seriously. This shirt is everything lol! I need one that says "still engaged. still awkward".


Cute Valentine's Day T-Shirts for Kids


Um can we talk about how big my niece is getting?!


Trendy Valentine's Day T-Shirts for Kids


...and how long Karter's hair is!!



I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek! Set a reminder for these to go live tonight at 7pm CST (Sun Jan 13th.)

Live local? Swing by to shop in store! 


Til next time