Trendy Valentine's Day Graphic T-Shirts
January 21, 2018

Crush by Lush 2018

Send rose' not roses. 

Valentine's is just around the corner y'all and I've got some sneak peeks to show!!

This year we are doing things a little bit different with our Crush by Lush collection! We are launching it in two parts! 

Part 1 will be our trendy Valentine's Day graphic t-shirts and will launch TONIGHT (Jan 21st) at 7pm CST on! It will be available in store tomorrow morning at 10am CST when we open on January 22nd. 

Part 2 will be our date night outfits and will launch on at 7pm CST on Sunday January 28th and in store Monday January 29th. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of those all week!

Whether you're single and celebrating Valentine's Day with your girls (or even with your dog!) or you're looking for a cute option to wear to spread some love this Valentine's season part 1 of our Crush by Lush Valentine's Day collection is loaded with trendy graphic tees to express yourself in! We've even got options for you and your bestie to match! 

Shoutout to my awesome staff for their hard work on this collection! My team works so hard to help bring my visions to life and helps in tweaking designs to get them just perfect! 

Sometimes the shoots with the least amount of thought end up being amazing and this one was just that! Our creative director, Matt Farthing, is the absolute best! I can cut him loose with little to no direction and he always knows how to bring every collection to life and this one is no different! Shoutout to Matt for these awesome shots! 

I could bore you with more words but instead I will get right to the point and show you a few sneak peeks of what is launching TONIGHT at 7pm CST in Crush by Lush part 1!



Funny Valentine's Day T-Shirt for Women



Valentine's Day T-Shirts for Besties


Ok. These Valentine shirts are fire y'all. My bestie Lindsey (you'll see her down below with her puppy Archer) have already made plans to wear these to dinner... we might even sit on the same side of the booth... maybe even share spaghetti noodles.....


Funny Wine T-Shirt for Women



Cute Oklahoma Valentine's Day T-Shirt


Puppy Love Cute Valentine's T-Shirt

Shoutout to my best friend Lindsey for letting us hang with the most adorable puppy in town, Archer. 

Pizza Love Language Funny Valentine's Shirt

Of course we had to visit Empire Slice House again this year to partake in some pizza and get the perfect shot! Shoutout to Rachel and company at Empire for the coolest pizza joint in town! 


Don't forget y'all we've got options for your little ones too! These little cuties you see here belong to Lush staff members! I love our little Lush family so much! 

Cute Valentine's Tees for Kids

Cute Valentine's Kids T-Shirts


I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek and stay tuned for the launch of Crush by Lush tonight at 7pm CST!

Live local? This collection will be available in store Monday morning!

Til next time