Exclusive t-shirt designs inspired by Valentine's Day, blazers, tops, sweaters, and much more all in pinks and reds
January 22, 2017

Crush by Lush

Be Mine.

Be Wine.


Whatever same thing right? Tomato/Tomotto......(say it don't spell it lol)

Everyone has their own take on Valentine's Day. Some might say it depends on where you're at during that time of your life each year..... or your relationship status at the time....

I created our Crush by Lush Valentine's Day apparel collection with every one of you in mind! Whether you're Team Single and planning a GALentine's night out.... Whether you're spending Valentine's at home in your PJs with wine or your dog.... Whether you're in the friend zone trying to get out.... Whether you're in that stage where you haven't had the "DTR" talk yet and need something flirty to persuade..... Whether you're happily taken and ready for a date night out with bae.... No matter what category you fall into our Crush by Lush Valentine's collection has something for you! 

It's been awhile since I blogged.... Actually as I logged in I saw that I got so busy during the Holiday season I never even sneak peeked or blogged about our Midnight Memories collection which was a total out of body experience to realize I had something that important slip my mind! 

Point is we've been busy busy little bees lately! As I always mention a TON of work and months of planning goes into each collection we put out! Creative meetings, photo shoot planning, working closely with local and national vendors to create the perfect custom exclusives months in advance! I actually started on Crush by Lush in the peak of our Holiday season. (Yes I question my own sanity every day). Who needs sleep amirite?!

Sometimes less is more. In this collection due to tight deadlines and working on it during the busiest time of the year for us we decided to kinda "wing" this one! 

Our creative director, Matt Farthing, shot this shoot solo over the course of a few different days in different locations and worked alongside me on some very tight deadlines and it turned out absolutely FABULOUS! 

We shot this collection in many different super cool spots around the city. We started out in the Paseo arts district  which is full of beautiful spots! Of course we had to visit some while we were there.... including Sauced for some pizza!

A few days later we headed to the Plaza district where Roxy's Ice Cream Social opened their doors to us and allowed us to photo shoot in their totally trendy spot! THANK YOU so very much Roxy's for everything! Not to mention we got to eat ice cream for breakfast! If you haven't been there I highly recommend it. Annddddd they're opening two more locations up north soon so stay tuned for that!! The staff is SUPER sweet and the ice cream is to die for! Not to mention the atmosphere is so unique! I loved everything about it. The decor... The music... They even have a painting on their wall of Roxy the dog by the same artist that painted one of my dogs that's currently hanging above my fireplace.....swoon.

You guys know I could talk about dogs all day................... I'll stop now. 

Wait... speaking of dogs.... we have special Valentine's inspired dog t-shirts, coffee mugs, and sweatshirts in this collection! 

Back to the plaza district.... after consuming an obscene amount of ice cream for breakfast (because let's face it we weren't gonna let those props go to waste) we scooted on next door to Empire Slice House for what I'd like to call a "working lunch". Of course we partook in some of their delicious slices but managed to get a great shot at the table mid lunch! This really was the best day ever and I'm certain the models didn't hate it either! 

I'll stop blabbing and get to the good stuff.....

I am so excited to bring you this exclusive sneak peek of Crush by Lush! 

It launches tomorrow morning Jan 23rd at 10am CST in store and on shop.lushfashionlounge.com! 


Funny Valentine's Day Wine T-Shirt for Women



Funny Valentine's Day Mug for Women



Flirty Valentine's Day T-Shirt for Women



Trendy Valentine's Day Oklahoma T-Shirt for Women




Flirty Valentine's Day Pink T-Shirt for Women



Vintage Valentine's Day T-Shirt for Women




Trendy Valentine's Day Outfits for Women


We teamed up with our local vendors to bring you all the CUTEST Valentine's t-shirts and coffee mugs for this collection! I am forever thankful for our relationships with these vendors and can't wait for our next collaboration! 

When creating these designs we had 90s inspiration (hello.... Cher Horowitz... swoon?!) in mind along with designs that could be worn no matter what your plans are! Staying in, going out and layering it under a bomber jacket, or having a girls night out!

Another thing I love about these designs is that many can be worn all year long and aren't necessarily Valentine's specific and go along with all of our trendy exclusive graphic t-shirts in our Say What?! collection.  



Cute Valentine's Day Outfits



Stylish Valentine's Day Outfits for Women



Trendy Valentine's Day Looks for Women



Fashionable Valentine's Day Looks for Women



Flirty Valentine's Day Looks for Women



Fashionable Valentine's Day Outfits for Women


You guys. 

Can we talk about what Piko has been doing lately?? They're producing some seriously trendy pieces and we are totally SWOONING over them! In this collection you'll find brand new Piko styles to choose from far from the traditional Piko you're thinking of.... But that thought deserves an entire blog of it's own! Don't fret... We still have love for the traditional Piko styles too and have brought you all new shades of pinks and reds perfect for Valentines day such as Piko swing dresses and Piko off shoulder tops. 


Can we talk about the return of our tulle midi skirts?! We have been impatiently awaiting their return and now have NEW COLORS this time too! 


Cute Valentine's Day Looks for Women



Trendy Valentine's Day Fashion for Women






And of course we've got your kiddos covered in this collection as well with a cute selection of trendy Valentine's kid's t-shirts and onesies. These little Lush babes are growing up so quick! If you've missed it in my other blogs these super adorable kids all belong to Lush employees! 


Cute Valentine's Day T-Shirts for Kids



Trendy Valentine's Day T-Shirts for Kids
Cute Valentine's Day Oklahoma T-Shirts for Kids



Kids Valentine's Day T-Shirts



Cute Valentine's Day Tees for Kids


***Proud Aunt alert****** That one above with the teddy bear is my niece, Mak! She named the Teddy Bear Cupcake................. and has been attached to Cupcake's hip for the last 24 hours since this shoot! 


HUGE mega shoutout to our creative director, Matt Farthing, for taking on the task of shooting this! Remember when I said we are working on some serious deadlines? He's still editing more pics as we speak! Super lucky to have him on staff and as one of my most favorite people on earth! 

Special thanks to everyone who worked on this collection and the shoot! Our general manager and associate buyer, Leslie Camp, helped every step of the way including assisting in finding the perfect pieces for this collection and helping style the shoot! Rylee Tubre, Kristen Giroux, and Kaylee Yeager also assisted in styling the shoot! As always my dear friend Seth Lewis came along for the shoot to provide his creative spin as well! Assistant Managers Myranda Stout and Madison Farthing are also heavily involved in the creative process and brainstorm sessions in each collection! Big thank you to all the kiddo's moms for taking time out of their Saturday to bring their kids for pics! Again big thanks to Roxy's Ice Cream Social and Empire Slice House along with the Paseo and Plaza districts for letting us invade your space to capture these images! Thank you to our local and national vendors who allowed us to collaborate on custom exclusive designs and pieces for this collection! 

Special thanks to our models! If you've missed my previous blogs all the ladies you see in our shoots work right here at Lush either in our store or in our HQ online location! We've got such a great bunch who genuinely loves Lush and knows the merchandise inside out because they've tried it all on and can give you insight on how each item fits! Also big shoutout to Alvin whom we have basically adopted as our own! 



If you follow us on snapchat you'll know I really really love my dogs. If you don't follow us on snapchat...shame on you! You should! Go now.... user name LushFashionOKC. Seriously you're missing snaps of my dogs! 

Any chance to post pictures of my fur babies................

So I'll end with this amazing outtake of my oldest Ralphie. His eyes were on the prize which was a treat out of the camera's shot....


Trendy Valentine's Day Dog Momma T-Shirts




Ralphie. You are all of us. Because snacks are life. 


BRB gonna go eat all the leftover candy we used as props.....


Til next time (which I promise won't be as long as last time)