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February 16, 2020

Capri Blue Candles Now Available at Lush!!

We are SO EXCITED to announce Capri Blue candles are now available in our Oklahoma City store and on our website! You can now shop Capri Blue candles on our website here! 

Many of you are probably familiar with Capri Blue brand candles, particularly their volcano scent candle. If you aren't familiar with the brand you HAVE to come in and smell them! The scent is truly unlike any other candle out there! You will LOVE it. 

I've personally been a loyal Capri Blue volcano candle user for years and years and finally decided to stock them at Lush Fashion Lounge boutique in Oklahoma City What I can tell you from personal use that I love the most is that not only is the volcano scent candle absolutely to die for (everyone that comes over will ask what you're burning for sure) but the candles burn for a long time too! 

If you're familiar with Capri Blue candles you'll know their signature collection and look is the classic royal blue candle jar, but did you know they make many different scents and many different jars? I'm loyal to the volcano scent but love swapping out my classic blue for different jars each season! 

Capri Blue's motto is "where fashion meets fragrance" and one look at their product shows this is true!

Lush Fashion Lounge blog, Volcano candles in Oklahoma, Capri blue candles in OKC, Oklahoma boutique, Oklahoma clothing store

How fun are these Spring/Summer candle jars?! Such a fun way to jazz up your house and add some decor while burning everyone's favorite volcano scent candle!

These are just a few of the many options you'll find at Lush Fashion Lounge! Hurry into our store location to shop as they're not available on our website!  

We have different Capri Blue candle sizes, different Capri Blue candle scents such as volcano candles, pomegranate citrus candles, guava blossom candles, and even volcano scent laundry detergent in our Oklahoma City store location

As the seasons change you can expect to see more candle jar designs and colors stocked at Lush Fashion Lounge including Thanksgiving volcano candles and Christmas volcano candles

To learn more about Capri Blue candles that you'll find at Lush Fashion Lounge visit the FAQs section of Capri Blue's site to learn in depth about the products!

Keep an eye out on our social media- particularly our Instagram stories to stay in the know about all the new, exciting things happening in our Oklahoma City store. We are rolling out TONS of new products in store and online! As we head into year 11 in business we've made some decisions to retire some older products we've carried for years to bring in all new items! 

Til next time