Unique Dog Mom T-Shirts for Mother's Day at Lush Fashion Lounge in OKC
May 08, 2016

Lush Mamas

Mother's day weekend at Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma is always a busy weekend! 

Whether you're shopping for a current or future baby mama, a mom celebrating the fact that she survived a toddlers terrible twos, or for someone just lovin the everyday mom vibes and life we've got the perfect gifts for all mamas! 

It's also a busy weekend for our staff members! Finding the perfect gift for our mamas and making plans to spend time with mamas and kiddos! 

I often get stressed out on Holiday weekends because I try and juggle working 7 days a week and long hours while trying to find a way to make enough time for family. I currently do not have kids, and everyday I am amazed by our working moms we've got at Lush Fashion Lounge! They juggle work, everyday life, AND being the best moms on the planet to their kids. That is truly amazing and I'm in awe of these women every single day! 

We asked our staff members who are mamas to give us an inside look at what they love most about being a mom, and what their favorite Lush style is. 

On this Mother's Day sit back, relax, and take a peek at our Lush Fashion Lounge staff members who are proud to be mamas! 

Jayme Lawson- Assistant website manager at shop.lushfashionlounge.com:

*photos courtesy of Choate House Photography and Video Production*

 Jayme on what she loves most about being a mom to daughter Karter:

"Motherhood for me is finding joy in the moments of absolute genius from my child ... whether it's to torment me or to entertain me. She is the sweetest sociopath you'll ever meet (if you have/had a toddler you understand that statement). She's diabolical in the things she does or says but her creativity is noteworthy, which makes it worthwhile.

The love and the constant new! Everyday is a new challenge, new joy, and the renewed joy in the once mundane. I love how she makes me a better person because I try harder to be a better example. She owes me nothing and I owe her everything. It's the most disproportionate relationship I will ever have but the most fulfilling."

Jayme on her Lush style:

"I can really appreciate a good maxi dress/skirt from Lush's collection of cute dresses! It's incredibly difficult for someone who is 5'10 to find something long enough but the pleated maxi skirt I wore for our family pictures was perfect! I love it with a pair of chucks or some strappy flats." 

Jayme on her favorite Lush collection: 

"It's a toss up between all the creative seasonal collections or the graphic t-shirts from our Local collection. The seasonal collections are great because so few local Oklahoma boutiques do fun or creative kids pieces. Lush Fashion Lounge can always be relied on to provide the perfect classroom party tee or onesie. I especially love putting Karter in a cute Oklahoma onesie layered with a leather jacket or cardigan and some jeggings. This summer it's a seasonal or local onesie under baby shortalls. She's killing it."

"Give me a graphic t-shirt from our Local Collection, some boyfriend jeans, my vans, my busy bun and you'll witness my low key "tackle the day" outfit. If I'm feeling a little more fancy I will substitute for one of the poly modal tanks (which I LOVE) and layer it with one of the super lightweight cardigans. My absolute favorite piece of the moment is the scoop tank with one of our strappy sweetheart bralettes! I can get away with discretely wearing a regular bra while providing the detail of the strappy bralette to a simple tank. So easy,  and I look like I put forth some effort even though I really didn't"

Shop Jayme's look here:

Pleated maxi skirt 

Deep crew neck tunic 

Sweetheart strappy bralette


Chelse Crossfield- Receiving team:

Fun Mother's Day Gifts at Lush Fashion Lounge


Chelse on what she loves most about being a mom to son Kooper:

"There are many reasons why I love being a mom but my absolute favorite thing is getting to be his person! When I hear "Mommy, mommy play dinosaurs with me" it makes my world light up! To be a kid again with my kid. To watch him grow with full heart! It's the best feeling in the world when he smiles at me with all the love in his tiny body and says " I love you mommy"

 Chelse on her favorite Lush collection:

"Our graphic t-shirts are for sure my favorite! They all apply to my life! I love our Okie t-shirts and tank tops but our wordy t-shirts from the Say What?! collection are definitely me! Nap queen, killin it, mom vibes, hit snooze, and taken all apply to my life for sure!"

 Chelse on her Lush style:

"I love the free spirited/boho look at Lush Fashion Lounge. There's so many trendy options that are not only cute but also comfortable which fits my style perfectly. I really like the babydoll tanks right now"

Shop Chelse's look here:

Babydoll tank top

Crochet vest


Sarah Haney- Sales associate


Eclectic Mother's Day Gift Options


Sarah on what she loves most about being a mom to daughter Charli:

 "Being a mom is, indeed, one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in the world. You only get a little glimpse of God's love when you have a child. My favorite thing about being a mom is when I feel like my daughter is teaching me to be the best version of myself that I can be. As a mom, I need to be more patient, more kind, gentler, sweeter, and more rational than I generally am able to be on my own. She brings the best out in me and I can't wait to watch my beautiful little girl learn, giggle, and grow."

Sarah on her favorite Lush collection:

My favorite collection is definitely the Local t-shirts. Everyone can always use a cute tee to wear to the gym or dress it up with a cardigan and go out for lunch! I love anything buffalo. I love graphic tees and what's not to love more than an Oklahoma buffalo! I also love either Okie or Okla because I love to rep our state and the fun abbreviations are trendy and way cuter than any plain Oklahoma shirt. 

Sarah on her Lush style:

My favorite style of clothing is what I like to call, "Classy with a little bit of sassy." There are so many comfortable shirts that are easy to throw on with a busy mom life but also are stylish and cute!

Shop Sarah's look here:

Free me oversized floral tunic


Lisa Holub- Lead sales associate


Trendy Mom Gifts for Mother's Day


Lisa on mom life with Mackenzie, Maddie, & Max and her Lush style:

 "Your NOT SO BASIC Mom!

When Carrie asked me to take a picture with my kids and my favorite look it presented me with quite the challenge. First, with three active kids it's hard to get them in the same place at the same time for a picture. Second, it’s really hard to pick just one Lush look to LOVE!  So, what I've done is a little collage of my favorite looks with my kids and my Mom too!

 My kids are incredibly active, and my life revolves around their schedules. So since I’m always on the go I love the layered look!  It helps hide the little imperfections and keep up with Oklahoma weather since one second it's hot and the next it's cold!  I'm obsessed with our leopard cardigan and wear it over everything from a Piko top to a "Say What" graphic tee.  I mean, who doesn't love leopard?  It just makes everything look a little cuter!

I'm also in love with all the new floral kimonos. I went with the orange and blue floral, which looks great over any of our Thunder shirts when going to the game!   

And speaking of games, I wore the CC Beanie to every soccer game and track meet over the past few months. It looks super cute while keeping me nice and warm!  

Last, but certainly not least are my jeans!  I'm a total jeans girl and am obsessed with the Just USA distressed jeans. They are high waisted and have the perfect amount of stretch so they are comfy and look cool!  I recently took my girls to the Justin Bieber concert and they recommended that I wear my cool distressed jeans. They fit great and even make this soccer mom look good!  

Those are just a few of my favorites!  I could go on and on, but if you want to know more just come see us at Lush Fashion Lounge"

Shop Lisa and her totally trendy fam's looks here:

Leopard cardigan

Heart Piko classic tee

Floral cardigan

CC beanie


Ashley Stedman- Sales Associate


Cute Gift Ideas for Mother's Day at Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma


Ashley on being a mom to daughter MacLayne:

"What isn't to love about being a mom? She's my dream come true and being a mom is the highest honor I could have ever been bestowed. Most moms says it's a job and I believe that it is, but even on its worst day, with late nights and tantrums, that sweet face is still so worth it. Being a mom is learning about strength you didn't know you had and facing fears you didn't know existed. Balance, strength, and perseverance are abundant when you love someone like you love your child, I find strength in her. Your child is the best part of you hands down and being a mom makes me a better and stronger person everyday! I see the best parts of my husband and I in her and her personality grows just as she does; sassy and sweet! She's a constant companion and a best friend my heart didn't even know I needed! From shopping to folding laundry she's always by my side and I couldn't ask for a sweeter little buddy."

Ashley on her Lush style:

"After becoming a mom my wardrobe took a new turn with my two favorite C''s CUTE & COMFY! This momma loves her some solids! Solid color tops or little dresses are staple to all my favorite lush outfits! If piko is in the tag it's probably my favorite! Piko tank tops and Piko tank dresses are both something I adore just to play up for a dressy outfit with a kimono or down for any day with shorts and a necklace! They're simple but yet you can build 100 different outfits out of them! Classic piko tees make for great everyday wear layered with cardis. That combo makes for one of my favorite run around outfits. But those new baby doll dress and tanks have stolen my heart. Flowy and flattering! My summer go-to's will be all things Piko, a simple little tank dress, or distressed Flying Monkey jeans and a baby doll tank!"

Shop Ashley and MacLayne's looks here:

Leopard cardigan

Mom's favorite KIDS tee


Candice Wagner- Chief Financial Officer:


Mother's Day at Disney Land



Candice on being a mom to daughter Makenzie:

"Being a mom is a hard job but it comes with tons of love and endless entertainment. It almost feels like you are a super hero, which is pretty cool since I am far from that! I love hearing Makenzie giggle, playing games with her, helping her learn something new, and I love listening to the funny things that she says. Just this week we drove by a wind farm and she yelled “Mommy those big fans are going to blow all the clouds away”! We all have busy schedules but when your little one tugs on your arm just to say “mommy I love you” everything just seems to stop!"

 Candice on her Lush style:

"I love the pikos and kimonos. Being a working mom these are easy things to throw on for work in the morning. I think I own every color of the solid cuffed kimono! I also like the comfort colors t-shirts and sweatshirts for the weekend. I like all of the comfort colors t-shirts and have many from the super cool local Oklahoma collection, many with Oklahoma State University designs on them, and even some OKC ones because I love the Thunder!"





Shoutout to all the mamas in the world who juggle everyday life and kids whether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom, all you mamas have the toughest job in the world and manage to kill it everyday! 

Stay tuned for our next blog... why? Because I said so. (Mom pun. Couldn't resist).

Now I can't get that Stacy's Mom song out of my head... you know.... that one from like the 90s, or maybe it was the 2000s?!.....


Til next time



*shoutout to our website manager, Matt, for taking more amazing photos again!