Original Authentic Piko 1988 Brand Tops, Tunics & Tank Tops
May 01, 2016

Ain't no party like a Piko Party


We love Pikos. Chances are you love Pikos too! Good news for all Piko lovers! Lush Fashion Lounge women's boutique in Oklahoma has one of the largest selections of Piko tops, Piko tunics, and Piko tank tops in the entire nation! 


 Trendy Piko Tops and Tunics


No matter what sleeve type or neckline you're looking for whether it be a Piko regular crew neck top, or a Piko loose sleeve crew neck top, Piko V-neck loose sleeve top, or a good ol classic fitting Piko classic tee we've got the best selection around!

Tank top season is finally here and we are thrilled to offer more tank top options in our Piko collection! Piko tank tops are now available in the good ol original Piko tank top, a wide sleeve Piko side slit tank, and the super popular new Piko V-neck tank!

Piko tunics are great all year long! During the Winter months we carry a great selection of long sleeve Piko tunics that are great over leggings! In the warmer months you can find short sleeve Piko tunics, Piko cap sleeve tunics, and Piko tank dresses!

Now let's get to the good stuff.... how to wear em!


It's a Piko Party at Lush Fashion Lounge and you're all invited!

Let's start with the tunics! Obviously we can't cover them all so we chose a few faves!


Trendy Piko Cap Sleeve Tunic



Trendy Piko Cap Sleeve Tunic



Stylish Piko Cap Sleeve Tunic


 Our best selling tunic is our Piko cap sleeve tunic. Not only is it super comfy with a relaxed fit comparable to a t-shirt dress, but it's great for any occasion! I've been known to wear my cap sleeve tunic to wedding showers, baby showers, even Easter Sunday!

The cap sleeve is a must have staple piece for your closet. We have it available in 20 colors. TWENTY?! Yas girl. Yas.

We LOVE layering these easy to wear Piko tunics under kimonos and cardigans almost as much as we love mixing patterns as shown here! One of my absolute favorite ways to make any casual outfit trendy instantly is to mix any of my striped Pikos with a floral or Aztec patterned kimono or cardigan! Good news! Most of our Piko collection options comes in stripes! So you can replicate this tunic look we've shown here with any of our tops paired with denim shorts!

Shop here:

Piko cap sleeve tunic

Fringe printed kimono (currently out of stock but will be restocked soon so sign up!)


Trendy Piko Tank Dress



Trendy Piko Tank Dress



Cute Piko Tank Dress


Speaking of recreating that same look we love with different Piko styles here is our Piko tank dress layered under one of our best selling floral cardis! Remember when I said I've been known to wear my Pikos to special occasions? Here's a look perfect for that! Whether you wear sandals, wedges, or heels any Piko tunic from our collection is the perfect way to look good while staying comfy! Our Piko tank dress is currently available in 15 colors!

Looking good while staying comfy?! <---- sign me up!

Shop here:

Piko tank dress

Floral chiffon cardigan


Let's take a look at a few of our fave top options and fave ways to wear them!


Trendy Piko Side Slit Sleeveless Top



Cute Piko Side Slit Sleeveless Top


PTL for these new wide sleeve tank options by Piko!! We can't get enough of the cozy, relaxed boyfriend fit of these.

Layering the Piko wide sleeve side slit top over a lace bralette is a must! Whether you choose the halter lace bralette or a lace racerback bralette the lace straps will peek out of the top for an added trendy look. This top is currently available in 8 colors.

An easy way to make any of our Piko tops or tunics instantly trendy is to tie a denim shirt at the waist! Finish the look with trendy, colorful layering bracelets and layering necklaces and you're ready to head out to any Summer activity comfy yet stylish. (again... sign me up for comfort and style!)

Shop here:

Piko side slit sleeveless top

Halter lace bralette

Basic frayed colored shorts

Lightweight dark denim shirt (on sale!!)


Trendy Piko Classic Tee



Cute Piko Classic Tee



Stylish Piko Classic Tee


Our best selling Piko of anything in our entire Piko collection is this Piko classic tee! If you don't have one yet.... you definitely need one! It will become an everyday go to in your closet! It's available in 23 colors.... yes...23.... so you're more than likely going to want to grab more than 1!

The best part about any Piko top or tunic is the versatility. This classic tee is no exception! It's my personal favorite and this particular way we styled it is my favorite way to wear it!

I could wear a Piko classic tee everyday. Well... let's do the math here. They come in 23 colors..... so technically I could wear one everyday for almost an entire month without doing a bit of laundry! Win.

Anyways a perfect casual weekend outfit would be pairing this Piko classic tee under a solid cardigan with sandals. Another personal fave way of mine to style this tee is under a boyfriend blazer for a super comfy yet trendy look!

If you've tried a regular Piko top in the past and you thought either the body was too flowy or the sleeves were too tight then definitely give this relaxed classic tee a try! The fit really is comparable to a good ol fashion t-shirt. Relaxed sleeves with a body cut more narrow than the traditional baggy body Pikos. If you love this tee then you'll love the cap sleeve tunic as they're the same fit!

Shop here:

Piko classic short sleeve t-shirt

Solid pocket cardigan

Mid rise clean frayed shorts


Trendy Piko Loose Sleeve V-Neck Top


Speaking of a more relaxed sleeve option than the traditional Piko top, we've got loose sleeve options in both crew neck and V-neck. Shown here is the loose sleeve V-neck. It's the perfect match to our strappy sweetheart knit bralette!

There isn't a better casual Summer option than this Piko/bralette pair!

Shop here:

Piko loose sleeve V-neck top

Strappy sweetheart bralette

Mid rise clean frayed shorts


Trendy Piko short sleeve top



Cute Piko short sleeve top



Stylish Piko short sleeve top


I can't reiterate enough the versatility of all of the tops and tunics in our Piko collection!

Whether you're looking for a casual day outfit or something comfy to wear to a girls night out Pikos are the perfect everyday, anytime piece to own!

Here is the original Piko short sleeve top with the fitted sleeves and baggy body customers have loved for years! This bright fuschia is perfect for a night out paired with black denim or even black shorts! This top can be worn off the shoulder with a lace bralette for a super trendy look.

I often wear a Piko classic tee, Piko tank, or this regular Piko short sleeve top paired under a blazer and chiffon shorts for a GNO!

Shop here:

Piko crew neck regular short sleeve top

Lace halter bralette


If you already own Pikos in your closet we hope you got some good tips from this! If you don't own any Pikos yet swing by our trendy Oklahoma boutique to try some on! Don't live local? No problem, shop online with us!

We've got thousands, yes thousands of Piko tops, Piko tunics, and Piko tanks to choose from at very competitive prices!

We carry the original, authentic Piko 1988 brand with that bamboo spandex blend everyone loves! I am fortunate enough to work closely with the brand owner to produce exclusive prints and colors each season that you won't find anywhere else, at some of the lowest prices in the nation!

We are excited to announce we will be carrying size XL in Pikos beginning with our future shipments that come in! Stay tuned!

Sit back, unwind on this Sunday eve and take a peek at our Piko Party online by clicking the link below




Til next time,