Trendy Oklahoma T-Shirts and Okie Apparel
April 17, 2016

Okie babe style


I love Oklahoma.I also love a comfortable graphic t-shirt or tank top. It only made sense to combine my love for both and form our Okie apparel collection.  

This collection is jam packed with tons of trendy Oklahoma inspired designs! Most of the designs are EXCLUSIVE to Lush Fashion Lounge boutique! That's right! You won't find most of these cute Oklahoma t-shirts or tank tops anywhere else! I am so thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with local brands to bring you so many options! 

Now let's get to the good stuff! All the ways to wear and style these trendy Oklahoma tees & tanks! 

Okie babe t-shirt

Okie babe t-shirt

This outfit is my JAM!! I love pairing a blazer with jean shorts and a graphic t-shirt or even a Piko 1988 classic tee for a trendy, effortless look! I first decided to try this look (as shown here on Kaylee) heading to a Summer concert on a week night! It was none other than a New Kids on the Block concert that rolled through OKC at the Chesapeake Arena last Summer (swoon!). I really wanted to wear a blazer even though it was hot outside. I wanted to be comfortable and didn't want to pair it with chiffon shorts because I also wanted to be causal. I threw on my boyfriend blazer with a graphic t-shirt, denim shorts, and sandals. I finished the look off with a hot pink clutch. It quickly became one of my favorite "go to" outfits! 


Okie babe tee

Boyfriend blazer 



Our land is grand Oklahoma T-shirt



Our land is grand  Oklahoma graphic tee


Tying a plaid at the waist with any of our Oklahoma graphic t-shirts or tank tops is always a good option! Finish the look off with Converse for a trendy, casual outfit look. I've gotta be honest here. It took me awhile to warm up to this trend! The whole 90's flannel and "Chucks" look had already filled up my closet once in my lifetime seeing as I'm 31 years old. I fought it hard, but have now embraced it and am loving the look of plaid! It's also a super convenient way to bring a lightweight "jacket" with you on those warm days that end with chilly nights while you're out and about! 


Oklahoma tank


Okie babe tank

Take that same plaid and throw it on over any Oklahoma tank to switch up the look and utilize the same piece from your closet. I also really like the trend of tying graphic t-shirts, tanks, or even Pikos on the side. 


Okie babe tank


Oklahoma Vibes t-shirt



Oklahoma Vibes t-shirt



Oklahoma Vibes t-shirt


Many of our Oklahoma t-shirts & tanks come in neutral colors that work great for layering under pops of color! Layering your Oklahoma tank under any colorful solid or printed cardigan or kimono is a definite must! I wear this look pretty much daily... and since the cardigan comes in multiple colors I have multiple options to choose from! 


Oklahoma Vibes tank  



Oklahoma T-Shirt Because Sunsets



Oklahoma T-Shirt because sunsets


Another great reason to go with one of our neutral Oklahoma t-shirt options is you can mix not only with solid pops of color like shown above but also with fun prints! This look mixes the trend of tying the shirt on the side with a fun patterned pair of shorts. The end result is a perfect casual outfit option for any Okie babe! 

I've also gotta touch more on the t-shirt. My absolute favorite in the Okie apparel collection! Oklahoma sunsets really are the best... and so is this marble t-shirt. If you own one from us you know what I'm talking about! It's the softest, most comfortable unisex fitting tee. Both guys and gals love it! We've got multiple designs printed on a variety of colors in this marble t-shirt including designs from our collegiate apparel collection for the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and designs from our OKC inspired t-shirt collection! It's even available in our wordy graphic t-shirt line! Say What?!


Oklahoma because sunsets tee

Printed shorts


Trendy Oklahoma T-Shirt and Bracelets


Another simple way to jazz up any of our Oklahoma t-shirts or tanks is with these super adorable, colorful bracelets. Would you believe me if I told you they're hand made locally by an Oklahoma artist?! That's right! These are not available on our site but we've got plenty of them at Lush Fashion Lounge in our Oklahoma City store!

I could talk about Oklahoma and our Okie collection all day! I hope you all found some great style tips! 

Now excuse me while I step outside and enjoy what's left of this fabulous Oklahoma Sunday! I might even catch the sunset. 



*these totally trendy pics were taken by none other than our website manager Matt Farthing!