Lush Fashion Lounge Women's Trendy Boutique in Oklahoma City - Carrie
April 12, 2016

Hello from the other side!

Welcome to our first blog! In between style blogs that will show you ways to style our products such as Piko 1988 tops & tunics, trendy exclusive graphic t-shirts & tanks, and everyday new arrivals we will bring you behind the scenes blogs that let you get to know all of us at Lush Fashion Lounge!

So hello from the other side! I'm Carrie, but my staff calls me Boss Lady. I work hard and play harder. I am a self proclaimed comedian. I would eat the entire world if it were calorie free..... because tacos. I devote 24 hours a day 7 days a week to Lush and bringing you all the best selection of trendy clothing at affordable prices!

I am the mother to Ralphie and Rosie. Oh hey, look! *shameless plug* Here's a picture of me wearing our Dog Mama t-shirt with my babies.


Trendy Dog Mama T-Shirt


Now Adele is stuck in my head. BRB gonna go cry.....